cisco 7921 registration rejected

I am working with cisco callmanager 4.1 and I am configuring the cisco 7921 Wireless phone. The 7921 have no problem to have IP network access to Callmanager, I am able to ping the phone IP address from the Callmanager server. I look into callmanager 4.1, the default phone devices does not list the 7921 phone as one of the deailt phones. The 7921 tries to connect to TFTP server but recieve Registration Rejected Error.

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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
KhakpoorhAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately I  do not have access to CCO
KhakpoorhAuthor Commented:
the Solution is to download the latest Devpack from cisco site, once installed, your 7921 will be shown in your default phone devices in cisco  callmanager
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