Datagridview write\read Rows to\from  text file

Posted on 2008-10-04
Last Modified: 2013-11-26
Vsiual Studio 2008 visual basic, datagridview unbound,
Datagridview is unbound
Row information is collected from user input
i can save all of my user input to text file except for the datagridview collection, I would like everything in one file.
Cant seem to get the datagridview row information into a string format
i know i have to loop through the collection, but I cant find any information in regard to returning the values of the cells tostring

Thank You in advance for the help
Question by:SoderCC
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see you first need to convert yr text file in to dataset then you can play with it .. sample code for read text file and convert them to dataset

after getting dataset bind that with grid simple
//Namespace reference

using System.IO;

using System.Data;

#region BuildDataSet

/// <summary>

/// method to read a text file into a DataSet

/// </summary>

/// <param name="file">file to read from</param>

/// <param name="tableName">name of the DataTable we want to add</param>

/// <param name="delimeter">delimiter to split on</param>

/// <returns>a populated DataSet</returns>

public DataSet BuildDataSet(string file,string tableName,string delimeter)


    //create our DataSet

    DataSet domains = new DataSet();

    //add our table




        //first make sure the file exists

        if (File.Exists(file))


            //create a StreamReader and open our text file

            StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(file);

            //read the first line in and split it into columns

            string[] columns = reader.ReadLine().Split(delimeter.ToCharArray());

            //now add our columns (we will check to make sure the column doesnt exist before adding it)

            foreach (string col in columns)


                //variable to determine if a column has been added

                bool added = false;

                string next = "";

                //our counter

                int i = 0;

                while (!(added))


                    string columnName = col;

                    //now check to see if the column already exists in our DataTable

                    if (!(domains.Tables[tableName].Columns.Contains(columnName)))


                        //since its not in our DataSet we will add it

                        domains.Tables[tableName].Columns.Add(columnName, typeof(string));

                        added = true;




                        //we didnt add the column so increment out counter





            //now we need to read the rest of the text file

            string data = reader.ReadToEnd();

            //now we will split the file on the carriage return/line feed

            //and toss it into a string array

            string[] rows = data.Split("\r".ToCharArray());

            //now we will add the rows to our DataTable

            foreach (string r in rows)


                string[] items = r.Split(delimeter.ToCharArray());

                //split the row at the delimiter






            throw new FileNotFoundException("The file " + file + " could not be found");




    catch (FileNotFoundException ex)


        _message = ex.Message;

        return null;


    catch (Exception ex)


        _message = ex.Message;

        return null;



    //now return the DataSet

    return domains;



//Sample usage

//for a Windows application

DataSet data = BuildDataSet("C:\MyFile.txt","MyTable",",");

//For an ASP.Net application

DataSet data = BuildDataSet(Server.MapPath("MyFile.txt"),"MyTable",",");

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Author Closing Comment

ID: 31503110
I am coding in VB.  Although I get the gist of what needs to be done. I will play with it for awhile

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