Clients having trouble receiving email, unmanaged machines connected to network same issues, Newly installed SOHO domain.

I've just installed a new Server 2008 domain on a small SOHO office.

Employee's frequently, almost 90% of the time, encounter problems receiving from the pop3 server and less frequently sending via the smtp server.

1: When I first installed outlook on all the clients and set up their email accounts and sync'd their PST files off the server there was no issue receiving mail.
2: It does not matter if this is a workstation joined to the domain or a unmanaged laptop operating off the wireless network.
3: The issue is present in both Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Mozilla Thunderbird for Mac

I'm thinking the issue might be the Cisco 877 router, but I'm not Cisco cert'd and could use a little direction if you believe this is the issue as well......
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>the email domain name and and the hosted domain name are both the same.... could this be causing an issue?
Local internal domains should be .local or .loc not same as outside.

Is the mail server local or remote?
Typically if a service works once, it is not a router configuration problem. It either works or it doesn't. Rules allow the traffic or they don't.
Could be a DNS issue with the server. Is the server the primary dns for the local domain? Is it the primary dns server for all the clients? Does it have forwarders, or use root hints only?
-PolakAuthor Commented:
Remote; its hosted by bravenet.

In addition, the email domain name and and the hosted domain name are both the same.... could this be causing an issue?

Yes the server is the primary dns for the local domain, it is also the DHCP server which gives the clients the clients its local IP as their primary dns servers.

I am unsure if it has any forward lookup zones, just ran a dcpromo and let it install the dns server there.

Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

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-PolakAuthor Commented:
Well that's not good; I had planned on putting an exchange server on the domain i assumed that the local domain name would then become the extension on the end of that exchange server, but I haven't played enough with exchange to know if that is in-fact the case....

Anyway is there anything I can do between now and when I install the exchange server to fix this issue?
I really don't want to rename the domain and add 20 clients back to it and do the setup on 20 clients all over again.

I suppose I could just set all the current email addresses as forwarders to a new .net domain and that way employees could still receive email if someone were to send it to their .com emails, but I would like a less jury-rigged solution......
Long term, the solution is to bite the bullet and rename the internal domain. should always resolve externally to a public IP address.
If you have a hosted domain for www or email where is sent to another site, you will always have problems if your local domain is also
Exchange is irrelevant because can resolve to the external IP address that is natted at your firewall and your server is still exchang.yourcompany.loc
-PolakAuthor Commented:
Anyone else have another solution?
You can read several viewpoints here on the long-standing debate on .local vs .com for AD

If you can  have your hosted www and email sent to then you can keep as the internal domain

-PolakAuthor Commented:
What I ended up doing is going to my clients and setting their incoming and outgoing mail servers to the actual IP address of the Solved my problem.

Was trying to create a DNS Host Record in the DNS server plug in but couldn't get the PTR to enable.
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