ms word save as doesn't work

ms word save as doesn't work
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jpbrokawConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Solutiion to the problem was completely uninstalling OpenText document management client and reinstalling Word. The DM link was apparently corrupted.
Which version?
Simply, when you clicked on it, no item is displayed? or it gives an error or stg like that?
jpbrokawAuthor Commented:
Word 2003 sp3
Nothing displayed when I click SAve As
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The program goes to a "not responding" state?


have you done any security updates lately?

There was a MS Security fix publised and made available by Microsoft on the weekend. It included KB908531 which caused this [Save As] problem on some computers including HP notebooks. To remove it, go to Control Panels, Add/Remove Programs, Change/Remove Programs (make sure [Show Updates] is checked). In the list will be security update KB908531 - remove it.
If Automatic Updates is turned on, it will re-install next time your AutoUpdate runs . . .
If above doesn't work, try for this:

Start -> Control Panel -> Add & Remove Programs -> Scroll down to Office 2003 and click Change

You should get the Office 2003 installation window. Select the option to Repair, and restart the system. If that doesnt work then, uninstall Office 2003, delete the Microsoft Office folder under C:\Program Files (if you used the default install location). Restart the computer, and install Office 2003. Hope that this helps and please post back either way.
<<There was a MS Security fix publised and made available by Microsoft on the weekend
not on the weekend...I worked so much on the weekend...:)...It was definitely before as i remember...
jpbrokawAuthor Commented:
I keep up to date on updates but KB908531 is not in my list. I notice that ctrl/p has also quit working. Is there a way to restore all default macros? BTW, everything's OK in Excel, Outlook, etc.
I am curious whether there is a virus/trojan in your machine...

Here to restore settings:

Restore Your Previously Saved Settings
The Restore Your Previously Saved Settings option instructs the wizard to restore your Office configuration settings from the .ops file that you specify.

To restore your settings, follow these steps: 1. Quit all Office programs.
2. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft Office Tools, and then click Save My Settings Wizard.  
3. In the Save My Settings Wizard, click Next.  
4. Click Restore previously saved settings to this machine, and then click Next.  
5. In the File to Restore Settings From box, type the path of the location of your .ops file, and then click Finish.
jazzIIIloveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ok wait!!!! Try for this...I think this will solve definitely your problem:

Problems in Windows Explorer or the Windows shell after you install
security update MS06-015 (15 Apr-06) has
been revised to v1.1 to reflect the issues in KB918165 and now points
to the KB918165.

Now may not be the time to learn Regedit.
I suggest you use a .reg file already done for the purpose.

Unzip it, extract the .reg file to a folder, right-click it and select
Merge and confirm when asked.

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