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Hi, My HP laptop to connected to a Dell montior to work from at work but at the moment when I shut the laptop screen the PC monitor also shuts down. This didn't happen before, what could be the problem with it?
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ridConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you mean the external screen shuts down when you close the lid on the laptop? Check the power management software and make sure it's not set to power down the laptop, or put it into standby or hibernation, when lid is closed.
What is the function key used to switch between laptop screen & monitor?
You have 3 options: Laptop, Monitor, both. Try them.

If you are using some HP "Presentation Manager" software, look at the options offered.
Oops: What exactly do you expect the external monitor to do when you shutdown the laptop?
maybe your just using the extended desktop option. try to make your screen output directly to your external monitor or just clone the output. (works with standard IGMA driver).
Is the laptop sit on docking station?
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