Using Onload to stream video

Here is the scenario:

I have email to send a notice to watch a video.

Because of e-mail client setting, javascript is disabled.

I do not want to embed the video because of flash loading times....I want to use my streaming service.

Seems like an easy  solution...just <a href> to the url of the streaming service.

My issue is that when I do that, it opens a whole page and shows a video of 247x207...plenty of white space.

Well...I can build a page and nest the video there...pretty graphics, etc....but what I really want is for the small viewer to pop up upon a click in the e-mail.

So, my logic dictates that I need to place the javascript on a webpage, and give the URL of that page.

Upon loading of THAT page, use onload to call the function that has all of the specifications of the video player.

I have the code assembled.

Can someone help me with the onload code?

Again, the logic:

Receive e-mail -->  Click link -->  Go to url that has onload script that will automatically run script--> streaming video service launches and video begins --> the Onload page is closed down, leaving the e-mail page and the small video playing. Again, I have the script.
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frindoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's not possible to remove the toolbars of a window that is already open. If you need to have the toolbars then you need to load a page and then have the user click a link on that page to open a new window.

Auto loading windows will be blocked by most browsers as popups.

So can either do what I suggested orignally, load a page and open a window automatically (hoping that popup blockers are not too strict), or open a new page and have a link which opens a new window.

Let me know which solution you'd prefer and I'll write some code for it....
I think it would be better if you used


which would resize the first window you open which plays the video. Most browsers block javascript which opens windows automatically.
3rdLifeWebDevAuthor Commented:
So if I use that script in the <head> then the page will resize itself?

Then I can stream the video in an <iframe></iframe> with that being the only code in the <body>

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Yep. It's a tiny bit annoying to have it resize on you from a user's perspective, but it does work.
3rdLifeWebDevAuthor Commented:
I will try it.

Thanks for the sage wisdom.
3rdLifeWebDevAuthor Commented:
OK...just tried it.

What code would I use to have ONLY the Title Bar of the new page displayed? I need to ensure that no matter what toolbars the user has, that the Window will always load the same...regardless of toolbars, etc.
3rdLifeWebDevAuthor Commented:

Did you see this last question? If you can advise, I am ready to close this out. Thanks again for the expert help.

I appreciate it!
3rdLifeWebDevAuthor Commented:
Does any one else care to chime in on this subject?

I appreciate it.
3rdLifeWebDevAuthor Commented:
Is it possible to code in the <a> tag (located in the body of the e-mail) that the new window opened should display nothing but the title bar?
3rdLifeWebDevAuthor Commented:
After further research, I accept your first solution as the best.

Thank you for your help.
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