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HP Photosmart 4280 Running on Server 2003 x64. Doesnt see scanner.

Last Modified: 2013-12-15
I have a michine running Server 2003 x64 Standard and am trying to enable the printers scanning ability. The printer is an HP PhotoSmart 4280. HP Does not have any server drivers available on their site. I've used the XP X64 drivers which work perfectly for printing ONLY. I can see the scanner however in device manager. I cannot see it in "Scanners and Cameras" in control panel.
The HP software also upon install tells me that Server 2003 is an "Unsupported Operating System". I am not using it to print, I've simply extracted the installation files and manually went and had windows search for the proper drivers for each device, scanner and printer.

Has anyone ever experienced this problem or found a way to resolve it?
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PERFECT!!! Thank you very much. The scanner now works as it should.


Alrighty, Now the OS sees the printer however it will not scan. When i navigate though the vizard and it goes to scan i get" The current picture could not be copied. To copy this picture clock "Try Again". To stop copying click "Cancel". I click Try again and the message reappears a split second later...

So  waht did you changed for the OS to see the scanner ? Started the WIA or changed the account on witch the service Starts ?


I did both. I started WIA and set it to LocalSystem account. I also tried running it under local administrator. That didn't work.

Well... the driver are for XP not for W2k3... so is to expect that something might no work properly.
Are u using it via Wireless or via USB cable ?

I will setup a W2k3 x64 as I have that same printer available here and do some testing.... see if I found a workaround...


That would be perfect, thank you so much. I am using the printer though a USB cable.

If you could send me an email that would be great.

Updates so far...

The driver is not compatible with w2k3 x64. still trying to go arround but looks lika e driver issue


Ahh, i see. Thank you very much for the effort. I've since purchased an HP Officejet 6310 which again isnt compatable with server 2003 however it has network capabilities so it doesn't really matter.

Thank you very much for trying though.
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