Link/url to download Solaris 8 & Solaris 10 CDs & DVDs


Can someone provide the link / url to download :

a) Solaris 8 CDs & DVDs
b) Solaris 10 CDs & DVDs (CDs required as I have a V120 that could only read CD, not DVD)

I need to download for both CDs & DVDs
Will need to download in iso format so that I could burn
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:

Solaris 10 is there but can't seem to locate Solaris 8
omarfaridConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Same for me I could not get solaris 8 links
Brian UtterbackConnect With a Mentor Principle Software EngineerCommented:
Remember that prior to Solaris 10, Solaris was not open source, nor was it freely available to run. You had to purchase an RTU. Furthermore, Solaris 8 is only a few months away from end of support life. Sun does not want anybody installing Solaris 8. If you have a need to run application specifically on Solaris 8, you can use Branded Zones on Solaris 10 to set up a Solaris 8 environment.
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