After redirect alert from one page, redirected page skipped

3 sunsequent test pages, but all have a conditional redirect statement.
When the redirect is activated from an alert box, new page to be accesses appears for a split second and browser goes on to the following page.
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>>My guess is that the if (!isset($_POST['submit'])) is being set somewhere else already.
The problem stems from the login form having the same name="submit". I already explained this on the first problem.
This would happen in on page1.php you are redirecting to page2.php and then on page2.php you are not meeting the proper conditions to NOT redirect. For example, you may need to show a form, but if you don't pass the proper parameters OR if you pass the wrong parameters from the previous form OR if you do pass the proper parameters but are checking for the wrong values and then you just decide to redirect to the next page.
ok in the code i have below, that you posted on your other question. It appers like you are just redirecting to this page again. This means that the if statment is hitting then redirecting to this page again. Then the whole thing happens again. In the window.location you need to make sure that is the vr test.

Please let me know if that works at all.
//HIELO SAYS: you need to "extract" the data first
if ($row['complete']=='1'){
<script language="javascript">confirm("You have already completed the Maths Test. Press OK to be directed to the Next Test");
window.location = "";

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>>. It appears like you are just redirecting to this page again.
He said:
"new page to be accesses appears for a split second ..."

the code you posted makes a  call to confirm() so it cannot possibly be that if clause because the confirm will cause the page to "pause" infinitely until the user dismisses it. So it cannot just appear for a split second. The problem is the javascript redirection at the very end of the page which also needs a confirm so that the user "pauses" in between pages.
Ya i did not even se that, you will need to add a confirm box there also. But that code should only hit after the form has been submitted, so it should only do that after the form has been shown, and then the submit button is hit.

My guess is that the if (!isset($_POST['submit']))

is being set somewhere else already. like for examle a login page.

in your form try to remane your submit button to something else such as maths_submit

example is below.

then change your php code to check if maths_submit is set.

Let me know if that works for you.
<input type='submit' name='maths_submit' value='Submit this test'>

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ErikalAuthor Commented:
Again I can't thank you enough.
You are doing a great job.
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