Terminal Sevices Client "Data Encryption Error"

Hi experts!

When connecting to our Windows Server 2008 via Remote Desktop Connection, we receive the following error: "Due to a Data Encryption Error, the session will end". We already tried to update our Desktop Client, but the error still persists. Any ideas why we get this error?
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erikcurtisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SP3 did not fix it. It is very weird, I can connect to one of two 2008 servers with out any issue.
Are you connecting from XP SP2? I'm am having the same issue. I'm going to try installing SP3 since it has the new 6.1 remote desktop client. I've been able to connect to our 2008 servers from other 2008 servers w/o any problem. I should have a result in about 1 hour.
develcAuthor Commented:
ErikCurtis thnx I'll wait for your results.
develcAuthor Commented:

So you can connect to one server but can't connect to the other server?
The issue for this problem is to set the host NIC property "IPv4 Large Send Offload" to disabled.
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