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How to filter traffic on multiple trunks?

We have two 7604 routers L2 and L3 capable. We currently have one trunk between them. Both the 7604 will act provide redundancy and load sharing.

 All the network devices (A-F) are connected to both the 7604 routers. The network devices will be using the link to 7604-A as primaty link. When any one of network device link to the 7604-A fails, the traffic will start flowing tru the secondary link to 7604-B and then through the trunk.

Attached is the Topology....

 We are planning to configure another trunk between the two routers and make sure that particular traffic flows on each trunk.

Traffic between Hosts A, B and C through trunk T-2 and between D, E and F through trunk T-1. How can we filter the traffic bassed on the source and destination of the packet.

Note: All the links of the hosts are in different subnets and we are using OSPF between hosts and 7604.
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You can create route maps that matches the specified source or destination addresses.
Sorry, read your question wrong. Disregard my above statement.
Actually, you can use a route map after looking at your topology. You could base the route map off of the source address and set the next hop for that traffic.
ravisimpiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the inputs.

Actually the devices will be using the link connected to the 7604-A as primary path. And also OSPF will be running on the trunks. That when the primary link fails, the device will be having two routes (trunk 1 and 2) If I configure route-map,
 - I can specify next hop which will ignore the primary path connected to 7604-A and place all the packets on the trunk.
- I can specify default next hop which will only kick in if there is no explicit route in the routing table. But the routers will always be having either directly connected route or the route through the Trunk in the routing table.

 Please let me know if I am missing something here..
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