How to make my setup project to show Repair and Remove options when my application is already intalled.

I made a setup project for my windows application and it works fine. But the problem is that if I install my application on a computer that I have already installed my application on, it'll install it again without any prompt for repair or remove options.

How can I add repair and remove options for my setup project?
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SameerJagdaleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try this:
Please go to the properties of your setup project, by clicking on the setup project and pressing F4 and change the "DetectNewerInstalledVersion" property to true
and  "RemovePreviousVersions" to false  

Elham_SeifAuthor Commented:
thanks for the comment but it didn't work!
other properties of my setup is shown in the attached image.

Elham_SeifAuthor Commented:
First I checked and it didn't work but after second try I saw that it was working and I accept the solution.
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