Backup Exec 9 Job "Not in Time Window"

Posted on 2008-10-06
Last Modified: 2013-12-01
Im having an issue with Backup Exec 9.1 that seems to be new over the last few months.  Im not sure if this same issue was present before the 9.0 to 9.1 upgrade.

The issue is that I receive not in time window in the status column when I have two jobs running and the second job is waiting for the first job to complete.  The status of the second job will continue to read not in time window until the next day and will begin running at the time specified  but a day late rather than queuing and running as soon as the drive is ready after the first backup completes.

Normally, I could schedule two jobs back to back and the second job would queue and then run right after the first job completes.  So If I had the first job scheduled for 1 PM and had the second job scheduled for 2 PM  the 2 PM job would queue until job 1 completed - even if it was 10 hours later.

Now, if the two schedules overlap, the second job displays a status of not in time window and does not run even after the overlapping first job has completed.  Whats even stranger is that the same, second job with a status of not in time window will run the following day (a day late) at the scheduled time.  Its like an error handling rule is retrying the job again the next day.

Ill need to check on the error handling rule but that still does not explain why the second job is not queuing properly and not running as soon as the first job completes.  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
Question by:fraunkd
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Expert Comment

ID: 22652151
It has been a while since I have used BackupExec, as we switched to NetBackup, but if I remember right, there is a start time window that is set in the job.  So, if your first job is set to start at 1:00 and the second is set to start at 1:05, it will queue up until the first job completes.  However, there should be a start time window such that if the second job does not start by 1:30, for example, it will not run.  You would get the not in time window message if the first job finishes at 1:31, as the second will not start until the following backup window.

Author Comment

ID: 22652360
Hmm...  So if the second job has a "and no later than" time that falls within the time that the first job is still running - the second job will go to a status of "not in time window" and will not run unless there is an error handling rule in place that will attempt the same job at the same time but on the next day?  

My Job 1 is scheduled to run every Friday with a "Start no earlier than" time of 5:00 PM and a "and no later than" time of 5:01.

My Job 2 is scheduled to run every Sunday with a Start no earlier than" time of 10:00 AM and a "and no later than" time of 10:01AM.

So if my Job 1 continues until Sunday at 1:00 PM, the Job 2 can not queue and run because the Job 2 "and no later than" time is set for earlier that morning at 10:01 AM?  

That makes sense (let me know if I'm wrong).

It would be preferable to have Job 1 scheduled for Friday at 5:00 and then schedule Job 2 the same day but at 6:00 and just let it queue and run as soon as Job 1 completes.  Is that possible?    Is there any way to do away with the "and no later than" setting for the second job so it will just queue until ready?


Expert Comment

ID: 22706703
Sorry for the long delay...

Your description of the issue is right on.  If those are your real timings, then this is the problem with the second job.  The first thing I would try is to change your time window for the second job from 10:00AM to 10:01AM to 10:00AM to 9:59AM.  That would be the quickest and easiest fix, but if that doesn't work...

According to the manual (pg. 361,, you cannot have a run day window greater than 24 hours.  However, a workaround for this (albeit a little bit of a kludge) is to use a post job command (pg. 315 of the same manual) to run a command on the media server to fire off the second job (pg. 593).

Better still, but not as cheap, is that if your jobs are taking that long, you may want to consider buying an additional tape drive and assigning each job to its own drive.  That way you will not have any contention.  However, you will likely need to buy additional licensing for BackupExec in addition to the drive.

Accepted Solution

daviddriv earned 500 total points
ID: 22706732
Umm... I realized the way I wrote the timing stuff could be a bit hard to follow.  So to clarify,

10:00AM to 10:01AM
10:00AM to 9:59AM

That will give you a 23hour and 59minute time window to work with.

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