Problems with PXE boot after moving to new domain.

I had GSS2.5 on domain1 (2008 server). We just changed domains to domain2. I uninstalled GSS 2.5 and all 3com boot tools. and reinstalled them and started fresh with new pxe image and bootptab templates. The only thing that has changed is we added DHCP to this 2008 server and as a result we cannot run "proxydhcp" under 3com PXE Server.

When we boot the computer (client to get the image) we cannot connect to the 3com PXE serveri get error: no boot filename received.


Please Help.


Video here:

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MrJemsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On the 2008 Server set DHCP options 66 and 67.
Option 66 is the PXE Server.
Option 67 is the name of the boot image

This small guide should help you find the options. Its based on 2003, but 2008 is relatively similar.
WincitAuthor Commented:
WincitAuthor Commented:
Ok, we are one step further.

Somehow it is not getting the TFTP image
WincitAuthor Commented:
ok, i disabled the firewall and here is where we are now.
WincitAuthor Commented:
He got me 90% there and I just missed a simple step (adding option 60 to DHCP) thanks.
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