What do the following abbreviations stand for in terms of certification, and how hard are they to obtain: CEDIA, ICIA or NICET Certification; low-voltage license:

The title of the question says it all. Thanks in advance.
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sheana11Author Commented:
Peralesa, I forgot to ask if you know what having these certs means or accomplishes. In other words, compared to an A+ certification, what do they say a person can do.
Andres PeralesCommented:
Those sites have that information, but basically related to home theather set ups and the such.
f-kingIT support technicianCommented:
A+ is more for a computer support person like a PC technician :
f-kingIT support technicianCommented:
These are institutes rather than certifications

ICIA =International Communications Industries Association, Inc  
The certification is The Certified AudioVisual Solutions Provider (CAVSP):

CEDIA =The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association  :

NICET =National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies

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