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Cisco router 2621/2651 question

Hi guys,

My router 2621 has 2 FE, one is FE0 and one is FE1. FE0 is connected to internet and  FE1 is connected to switch A. If I'd like to have an extra FE which will go to switch B, what do I have to buy ?

Similar to router 2651, what do I have to buy ? Thanks.
1 Solution
This should take care of what you want if you have an open slot, which it sounds like you do.
tinhnhoAuthor Commented:

That's is expensive. I'm looking for the used one. Thanks.
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That HWIC 4ESW is not supported on 2600 series routers. Only on 1800/2800/3800 series

You might find a used NM-1FE-TX network module that will work.

2600 Series routers do not support any FE WICs due to the bus speed of the WIC slot.
It is this same reason that ADSL2+ WICs are not supported in the 2600 series either.

Provided your internet bandwidth is < 10MB, you could always install a 10MB WIC for your internet uplink, and use the two onboard FE interfaces to uplink to your switches. There would be no loss in performance, provided your internet speed is less than 10MB.

The other option would be to daisy chain the second switch off the first, but if you can, go with the first option I have given.
I should have mentioned, the 2691 series routers are exempt from the above statement.
Instead of adding a physical interface, you can use 802.1Q trunking and VLANs to add an additional interface to the router.  This is assuming you have a switch capable of 802.1Q trunking and VLANs.
This won't help add another switch unless the new switch is daisy chained off the old one anyway, and unless he specifically wants the second switch separated from his network, dot1q wouldn't help.
Also, if he wants to route between the two switches, this creates a <u>massive</u> bottleneck on the router.
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