How to remove old XP system on a tri-boot setup

Hello. I was running XP professional on a disk. Then I wanted to try out Vista so I installed Vista onto another drive. Then I created a 'gaming' vista system on a third drive. Everything works great and I simply select which system to boot into when the vista boot manager comes up.

I don't want to use XP anymore and I want to wipe the drive. However I am sure that if I do this I will be in trouble as I remember when I was putting all the drives back in after a system upgrade I had to put them in the correct order - (disk 0 goes on the same sata channel as before, disk 1 on same sata channel, etc). When they weren't in the correct order I got errors.

I think I need to copy my master boot record over to my main vista drive. Then it would be nice to remove the XP entry from the boot manager so that I only have 2 options when I boot up, one Vista Ultimate and one Vista Home

As I mentioned before all three OSs are installed on seperate drives. Thanks so much
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start > run > msconfig
ont he boot tab can you copy and paste what is displayed. you may still need to move the file accross to the vista drive but in the initial i would like to see the read out of this.
You will have to write a new MBR when you remove XP because it sounds like it was your first installed OS.  You should be able to boot from your vista cd to the repair consol and run a fix mbr and that should replace it with the correct one.
mrmookidAuthor Commented:
Opps. I am sorry CCNS I accidentally clicked this is not what I am looking for but I'll give it a try. I've loaded up msconfig and oddly it only lists 2 drives, not three and it's from the perspective of my main vista system. In other words it lists c:\windows as current and default OS. And another vista install, e:\windows which is my gaming vista os. it does not make any mention of the xp install.  from this tab i can set a drive as default or delete, and have some options (safe boot, boot log) but don't see anything about grabbing the record and copy to another drive. can you add a little bit more information please? thank you.

zqiuffria, thank you for your response as well. yes XP is original OS installed on this system. if i do a repair console and run that command will it still allow me access to my vista game os?

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You can look at your boot.ini file.  I didn't think about your gaming OS.  As long as you have show hidden files you should be able to see your boot.ini.  Im not sure if you can copy from there or not.
mrmookidAuthor Commented:
I'll give this a try now and let you know how it goes. My plan is to create a new record that contains my main vista and my game vista systems. then i will disconnect my xp drive from my computer and see what happens. wish me luck! :)  i'll let you know how it goes.

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mrmookidAuthor Commented:
Hmmm. So I selected the drive, D , that's the XP machine. I click on Read sector from Disk and this is what I get, any ideas? I checked the author's website for more information and the readme but not sure exactly what I should be doing in this situation. Thanks again for your help. If you ever need help with document management systems please let me know! See attached
mrmookidAuthor Commented:
Also, I selected Physical Drive (MBR) - 3   - I know this is the XP drive because I checked the drive number in disk management.  when i select read sector from disk i get this: c

3.}...|}.}...|.........Ph..........¬~..|..&..’......ÆV.U.F...F...A..U..]r..U.u.....t..F.f`¬~..t&fh....f.v.h..h.|h..h...B`V.9....’..........|`V.`v.`N.`n...fas..N..&..¬~.¬.`..¬.U2.`V...]..>.}U.un.v..`..&.....d.....`.x....d.q......f#.u;f.TCPAu2...r,fh....fh....fh....fSfSfUfh....fh.|..fah.....Z2...|.................2....9..<.t..........+..d..$...$..Invalid partition table.Error loading operating system.Missing operating¬.......?.....TW................................................U.

when i select load sector from file i get prompted for a .dat file.  there are a few of these files in WINXPSYSTEM\c:\windows\ all differet names
mrmookidAuthor Commented:
think this will help ? reading about it now - just finished skimming it and it looks promising
mrmookidAuthor Commented:
some more info. if i just leave the system alone , the system that comes up is my Main os.  above my main os i have "Earlier version of Windows"  - look at results from this program:

There is currently 3 OS(s) installed on your system.
The current boot timeout is: 30

Default OS: Microsoft Windows Vista

Entry 1
Name:                  Earlier Version of Windows
BCD ID:                  {ntldr}
Boot Drive:            D:
System Bootloader:      \ntldr

Entry 2
Name:                  Microsoft Windows Vista
BCD ID:                  {current}
Boot Drive:            C:
Windows Drive:            C:
System Bootloader:      \Windows\system32\winload.exe
Windows Directory:      \Windows

Entry 3
Name:                  Microsoft Windows Vista
BCD ID:                  {483c8121-670c-11dd-ab59-b25300d9ee1b}
Boot Drive:            E:
Windows Drive:            E:
System Bootloader:      \Windows\system32\winload.exe
Windows Directory:      \Windows
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