PERL conditional equation error

Posted on 2008-10-06
Last Modified: 2008-10-06
Hi -
I have a line of code in a PERL cgi script as follows -

 if($first_char == '\*')

When I run the script it generates the following error -

Argument "*" isn't numeric in numeric eq (==) at ............line 488

Why am I getting this error and how should this line be written to avoid the error

I've tried several things but can't seem to get it "right" and don't understand why -

Points mostly for instruction -

Really trying to learn to avoid problems in the future -

Thanks -

Question by:rwinnick
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The error is pretty obvious I would have thought.  The \ and * symbols aren't numeric.  The == test is for numeric tests.  For strings, you should use eq, eg:

if ($first_char eq '*') {

Note that you don't need to backslash the * if it is contained in single quotes.
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Did you mean to compare for string equality with eq
instead of for numeric equality with ==
Or did you mean to bind to a regex match with =~
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/usr/bin/splain: Reading from STDIN
Argument "*" isn't numeric in numeric eq (==) at ............line 488
Argument "*" isn't numeric in numeric eq (==) at ............line 488 (#1)
    (W numeric) The indicated string was fed as an argument to an operator
    that expected a numeric value instead.  If you're fortunate the message
    will identify which operator was so unfortunate.
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There are two ways to compare for equality in perl: as a string, or as a number.
To compare as a number, you use the == operator.  eg:    $a == $b
To compare as a string, you use the eq operator.  eg:  $a eq $b

Because your $first_char and '\*' are string, you need to use the eq operator.

Note that '\*' is two characters.  The * character isn't special in a single-quoted string (or in a double-quoted string), so it doesn't need to be escaped.

Also note that another way to determine if a string begins with a particular character (instead of getting the first character, and comparing it to some character) you could use a regex:
    if($str =~ /^\*/) {
        print "str begins with *\n";
    else {
        print "str does not begin with *\n";
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As strings, "0", "0.0", "0E0", "-0", "", "\\*" are all unequal
as numbers, they are all equal.
What are you trying to do?
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Assisted Solution

ozo earned 200 total points
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$first_char =~ '\*'
would be true if any character in $first_char was *
$first_char =~ '^\*'
would be true if  $first_char starts with *
$first_char eq '\*'
would be true if length($first_char) == 2 and the first character in $first_char was \ and the second character in  $first_char  was *

Author Comment

ID: 22655807
Thanks everyone -
I have a post that if it has an * as the first character I do one thing and if the first character is not an * I do something else -

So I am trying to get the first character of the post and see if it is an * -

Being VERY NEW at this stuff I didn't realize all the 'possibilities" -

This is all extremely helpful -

I really appreciate the 'instruction' -

Will try it out in my code right now -


Author Comment

ID: 22655829
for a more complete understanding what would not equal to be :-)


Author Comment

ID: 22655902
OK :-)
it works !!
a little learning is a good thing -
Just looked up string inequality eg: ne
I'm on a roll -

Thanks you guys are all great and a  major help

Will close this question with divided points

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