Server Rules Location in Exchange 2007

I have a user that deleted her server rules and wants them back.  What do I need to restore in order to get the rules back?
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gupnitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Apologies, I see to be missing loads of mails from EE these days, I am not getting them in my inbox.
Option1: Search for .rwz file on PC and if that is avaialble import that.
Option 2: From Server if you have old backup for user then go ahead and restore the mailbox and you should get the rules.
These are your only options.
heathyobAuthor Commented:
The link implies that the rules are stored in the PST.  Are they not stored on the server at all?
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Yes they are on the Server, but creating backup creates a copy too in PST.
Try it !
heathyobAuthor Commented:
So I tried, But the rules aren't in Outlook at all.  So I can't export them and import them on the client side.  So I'm stuck with getting them back on the server, since the server gets backed up.  Unless I'm misunderstanding the link you sent me, which I did follow.

The user messed up her server rules herself.  So I'm back to the original question, where are they on the server so I can restore them server side.
heathyobAuthor Commented:
The issue I had has long since come and gone, so i was never able to test it.  But it's a solution so I'll give the points.
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