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Best way to set up Gmail, registrar, and host

I'm requesting a recommendation--and clarity: I have a domain registered with eNom. My very small site is hosted at eHost. I registered through some company that eHost purchased and now they own me. Right now, my DNS is ns2.ehost.com and ns1.ehost.com. And I use the eHost site to set up email addresses--all forwarding, not even POP. So emails TO me can be sent to my domain, but emails FROM me come from my ISP.  I CAN switch my DNS, if desired to ns2.enom.com and ns1.enom.com. I'm pretty sure that would mean no longer using the eHost email management tools.

I'm thinking of switching to Google Apps for more functionality and--I think--the ability to send emails as if they come from my domain. The first step is doing this is to signal ownership to Google by changing the CNAME. Google would also give me basic website hosting.

Beyond that point, I'm confused. My sense is that a switch to Google would remove any reason to have any relationship with eHost at all. That is, I change my DNS to eNom, host email and website at Google, and never think about eHost again. But I don't want to do anything drastic until I am clear since it could mean not getting the email on my domain if I set it up incorrectly. Any chance someone can help walk me through this?
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let me tell you the Basic

you will have you own domain suppose www.yourdomain.com , some webhosting company allow to buy domain from them and also hosting. ( its the easy options)

another one : buy domain from one company and then host to someother company like i do.

now email will be associate with the hosting company who is responsible for the Dns.

now if you buy domain from one company(company A) but buy hosting from another company(company B)

then you need to change the nameserver record which ns1 and ns2 from companyA to company B

so , your email would be associated with companyB

Another options : buy domain from One company (company A) and if you want to do hosting from another company (company B)

then you can still stay with company A but you need to change A Record to copany B .

so what will happen is : your email will still be with company A but all web site would be from company B

hope it does make sense

i will read your post more then i will write you again.
Ok first of all :

your hosting is with ehost , why they are not giving you pop3 ?? ( Every hosting company will give you pop3) , let me know about this .

now changing CNAME to google will not help you to solve your problem. if google give you hosting and email via pop3 then you need to change the DNS from ehost to google aswelll. other wise it will not work

 "I change my DNS to eNom, host email and website at Google " -> it will not happended. to get advange of email , you need to change dns to goolge .

now you can use enom as dns server then you will have to use enom as email , but you can change A record to google ( if google allow only A record- I have doubt) so that your web site would be with google.

if you want to go with google, then why are you not using their full package so you dont need to worry about all these( i am not aware of google hosting but i will have a look)

let me know your confusion.
are you sure google allow you to host your own domain ?? like www.yourdomain.com in google server ??

i have doubt, i just try it saying Free hositng it would be something like this : ttp://sites.google.com/site/ yourdomain

which you dont want i guess ??

or if you are sure google does hosting like other hosting company then sent me the link i will have a look for you
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Incoming mails
will go to wherever the MX record of the domain is.  At the moment it is pointing to their server and they forward it to you.  You can set this to be their server and pick it up on pop3 or set it to another server and pick it up there.

Outgoing mails
These come from your pc.  You set your email address in your mail client.  If it is set to 'swreck@isp.com' then it looks like it is coming from your ISP (and it is).
If you set your name to 'swreck@yourcompany.com' but leave the outbound server as mail.isp.com then it will LOOK like it is coming from your server but it will really come from your ISP.  Most ISPs will let you do this as long as you log on with your isp id (see their help pages)
swreckAuthor Commented:
fosiul01: Thank you. Much is already clearer. The challenge is I happened to  buy the domain from a reseller of eNom. The reseller was then bought by eHost. eHost gives me 5 MB of free space and email FORWARDING for the price of registration. I have not bought additional hosting. So far, I've been ok with a small <1 MB site and mail forwarding. But now I'd like to move to Google for everything (email, website, additional services). I spoke to someone at eNom who suggested I transfer the registration relationship from the reseller (eHost) direclty to the registrar (eNom). He also warned me that registration resellers can be tricky and don't want to let you go (he did NOT accuse eHost of this, just resellers in general).  And that if I do this wrong, my domain could go into limbo--essentially staying under the control of the registration reseller (eHost in this case). It makes sense to me that if I'm going to use eNom for registration  and Google for email and hosting, I should end the relationship with eHost. But I don't yet understand the full path on technology side to accomplish this. I'm starting to see it has something to do with going to eNom and changing the DNS from eHost to Google, but I'm still hazy!

edster9999: I'm not clear who "their" and "they" are in your Incoming mails portion, but I'm with you on the Outgoing. The (minor) problem is that gmail sends the message as "swreck@gmail.com on behalf of swreck@mycompany.com." Not as professional, but that may be the best I can do.
ok but the question i have asked, does google give full webhosting packages ??
>>> I'm not clear who "their" and "they" are in your Incoming mails portion

When I talk about 'they' I am talking about your current hosting company that forwards your mail.

>>> The (minor) problem is that gmail sends the message as "swreck@gmail.com
>>> on behalf of swreck@mycompany.com." Not as professional

I say drop gmail.  Get an email client on your pc (even outlook express will do this) and send / receive your email from there.

>>> the question i have asked, does google give full webhosting packages ??
Google web hosting is at this address : http://googlewebhosting.net/
They do a template type system where you type your company details into a box and it makes pages for you.  The pages will be hosted at :
So again - not really great for a company.  I'm not sure if they allow your own domain names.  They may do but it will still be their template system.

If you already have a web site design and want your own email system then sign up for a single hosting package that offers all of that (maybe about 50 USD per year) and move over to them or upgrade your package with eHost

Almost all DNS hosting companies will move your address over to a new company if you have paid your bills and fill in the correct paperwork.  It would be a very unscrupulous company if they didn't do that.
swreckAuthor Commented:
edster: You may be right in your recommendation to drop Google and do everything "homegrown." My hesitation is that Google Apps is becoming a pretty cool suite and Google does now allow domain names in their apps, including emails (e.g. swreck@mycompany.com serviced through Gmail). And as you note, I WOULD access this 95% of the time through a client--Outlook IMAP and iPhone IMAP.
swreckAuthor Commented:
Thanks folks. You gave me the background to approach my registrar and work through the options.
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