Reading attributes from RSS feed

I'm trying to consume this RSS feed below. How do I get the min, max, etc attributes from the w:forecast node using the SyndicationFeed or some other method?

I did plan on using the class provided here to keep the code succinct.

MSDN reference to SyndicationFeed
WebClient client = new WebClient();
client.Proxy = new WebProxy(proxyAddress, true);
Stream strm = client.OpenRead("");
XmlReader reader = XmlReader.Create(strm);
SyndicationFeedFormatter formatter = SyndicationFormatterFactory.CreateFeedFormatter(reader);
SyndicationFeed feed = formatter.Feed;
Collection<string> timeToLive = feed.ElementExtensions.ReadElementExtensions<string>("ttl", "");
double ttl = 30;
if (timeToLive.Count > 0)
    ttl = Double.Parse(timeToLive[0]);

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breneConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Worked it out myself.
var items = from i in feed.Items
			select new
				Title = i.Title.Text,
				Link = i.Links[0].Uri.ToString(),
				Ext = i.ElementExtensions
foreach (var item in items)
	currWeather.Title = item.Title;
	currWeather.Link = item.Link;
	foreach (SyndicationElementExtension extension in item.Ext)
		if (extension.OuterName == "current")
			XmlReader xReader = extension.GetReader();
			if (xReader.HasAttributes)
				currWeather.Temperature = Double.Parse(xReader["temperature"]);
				currWeather.DewPoint = Double.Parse(xReader["dewPoint"]);
				currWeather.Humidity = Double.Parse(xReader["humidity"]);
				currWeather.WindSpeed = Double.Parse(xReader["windSpeed"]);
				currWeather.WindGusts = Double.Parse(xReader["windGusts"]);
				currWeather.WindDirection = xReader["windDirection"];
				currWeather.Pressure = Double.Parse(xReader["pressure"]);
				currWeather.Rain = Double.Parse(xReader["rain"]);

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are you using .net 3.5?
breneAuthor Commented:
Yes, that is why I want to take advantage of the SyndicationFeed class but I'll use any method that works.
breneAuthor Commented:
That link shows how to create a feed. I'm trying to get the data from an existing feed so that doesn't help.

What I want is the information contained in the w:forecast node eg.
<w:forecast day="Thursday" description="Early Fog Followed by Sun. Mild." min="8" max="21" icon="12" iconUri="" iconAlt="Early Fog Followed by Sun"/>
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