How to set the time format to 24 hours in Windows Server 2003 Active Directory environment

I have a W2K3 Active Directory environment. I want all the domain computers to have a 24 hour time format. Is there any way thru which I could force all the machines to have a particular time display format?
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Regional settings can be set using Group Policy Preferences, as follows:

GPP can be deployed in any 2K3 domain in which the Group Policy Preferences CSE has been deployed to your clients. (This CSE is built into Vista SP1 and XP SP3; can be deployed to XP SP2 via WSUS.)

In the regional settings you can customize the time format
DevendraNaiduAuthor Commented:
This is for individual machines.

Is there a way in which I can set it automatically for all machines logging into domain? I want to enforce this policy for all computers.
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