SAP Basis Career Path - Certification

Hello Experts - I have an oppotunity to learn SAP Basis / Netweaver (i am assuming they are the same thing)
My background has mainly involved microsoft technlogies including Servers, SQL Server, networking etc and zero knowledge of SAP except a few things I have read on the net.

My question is, is Basis the right path to start in the SAP world with my backgroud. From what I have read, ABAP is programming in SAP and I am not a programmer. Is there any other options I should consider?

Also to get certified, what is the path that I need to take to acheive consultant status. (please bear in mind that I am a newbie in SAP) so would assume the first course would be an intro to sap.

I have been the certification section on the sap website and viewed the curruculam path. I selected the following criteria
SAP Solution Manager
IT Administrator

Is the above correct for SAP Basis/Netweaver

Note: I need to learn the latest so I think that is netwever

Thanks for you help
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mass2612Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you find yourself working in a SAP/Oracle environment then concentrate on that. SAP has created tools to handle most of the DBA work from within SAP and therefore its best to use those. So in that respect having less knowledge of the DB you are using can be useful. However having a good grasp of the DB technology is never a bad idea.

I am an MS guy myself so Oracle/SAP is new to me but hands on experience has given me all I need to feel pretty comfortable with Oracle. I have been through a couple of hardware migrations and an upgrade which also helped a lot.

I view TADM courses as being more like a boot camp where they cover a range of subjects over a longer period such as 10 days. Where the ADM courses are shorted and therefore allows you to concentrate on one area.

I have completed the ADM100 course and it was useful but when I completed it I had 6 months hands on experience and it was not very difficult. I think NetWeaver 7.1 is the latest but you might find any significant differences.

An understanding on ABAP would be handy but not essential. Depending on your environment you should be able to pass on any ABAP related queries to an ABAPer. SAP is such a lare product knowone will expect you to know it all.

Its not like MS job adverts where they want you to be an expert in all MS products. You are best to concentrate on one area of SAP that interests you and then when comfortable with that move onto something else. Since DBA stuff interests me and I have some experience in that area and SAP is so new to me I am concentrating on that and then might try to move into an area such and SD or HR later.

You should check out the answers I received when I asked this same question about a year ago. To clarify some of what you asked.

SAP Basis newbie training/certification query

NetWeaver is the newest technology and was previously known as Basis. Its basically the SAP Administration along with DBA for the SAP database. If you are going to be doing admin work such as monitoring the system, increasing tablespace, creating printers, creating RFC's, managing profiles, starting and stopping the system, scheduling background jobs and updating the system then Basis is what you are looking at.

Sign up to the SDN - I have been working as a SAP Administrator with Oracle for about one year and the SDN is great.

I found some older training materials and some other goodies here -

I am hoping to complete this certification as a entry level next year: -
SAP Certified Tech. Associate - System Admin (Oracle DB) with SAP NW 7.0

There is one for most of the databases that you might be using with SAP.

I purchased these boks when they were released and they have helped me un-cover info easily in one place and help point me in the right directions. There are some ABAP books available also but I'm not a developer either.

SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP System Administration

SAP Database Administration with Oracle

Transaction Codes for SAP Administration

anil_uAuthor Commented:
Excellent - thanks, thats exactly what I was looking for but couldnt find that curriculum path.

In your opinion (and I need to know both) but would you say and Oracle implementation is more common or a SQL Server implementation.
I have experiene with SQL Server but not oracle so may go down this route.

Also do you think ABAP knowledge is required or would it be simply just good to know to get a better understanding

Is Netweaver 7.0 the latest one?

Finally after reading the link you provided, what is the difference between a ADM course and a TADM - is it simpy certification or is one older than the other.

Really appreciate your help. Thanks again.
anil_uAuthor Commented:
Thankyou for your help. It has provided me with a lot of answers that was not very clear while surfing the net.
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