Suggested to have one Server(Ubuntu) for HR,Admin,Management department and Account dept for Windows based, is good idea?

Is this a good idea------There are 2 tower servers, one is for HR,Admin,Management server which will be installed with Ubuntu Linux while the other one is for Accounts dept which will be running on  Windows platform?

The accounts software is windows compatible only.

The reason for Linux usage is to avoid security loopholes as was suggested by the technician.

Please do suggest.

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fosiul01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok you said, you would have 2 server right ?? One is windows and one is linux

now suppose if you dont have enough Fund or money to buy a windows SErver,

then vmware is the solution .

you have to download this vmware server in your linux box  , then have to install, then by using this vmware , you can virtually create operating system such as linux, windows anything....

do you have any idea about vps hosting ?? this provider install vmware server in one Server and then create like 10 linux or windows operating system, and then assign 10 user to those 10 OS, but from user its like he is sitting infront of a Server!!

like in our organization, we are running Windows server from a linux server , how ?? by using vmware, and 5 terminal user is connected to that windows server. its works a dedicated server but in a virtual mechine

here is the fun of vmware..

let me k now if you need more explanation

Account Server will be using Windows because the software is windows compatible -> If the accunts software have to be installed in windows server then you will have to use windows , there are some options : like i gave an example, Some accouant software does not need to be installed in server, they just use a Database like access or mysql to be installed in server and from other desktop pc can access that database ( as i have example of sage, we just need to keep database of this software in server so that desktop pc can access that database) in that case, you can configure your linux box as samba server. Sambas is a bridge between windows and linux .
suppose you have create a file called Accout in linux , and you want to use windows pc to access that file, then have to configure samba, and have to give access to that Account file, so from windows pc, like you have C drive , d Drive, you will see that account file as drive .( but you have to configure samba for that)

its all will depends what your accounts software need.

by the way : do you have to install accounts software in the server ?? or do you have to keep database of accounts in the server ?? and account software would be installed in desktop pc so that  other user just access that database via desktop ??

if you can conferm this then i would be able to help you further .

ok for security purpose i would of suggest linux over windows .

but if your accounts software is only compatible for windows, then you dont have any choise

if your windows server is not connected to internet then you would be able to cut down 99% security issue.

Or just good firewall to protect your windows server.
All servers can be configured to be secure, the application requirements should lead the decision for the operating system IMHO.

Obviously, I think Linux is great but it may not suit the environment.

If it's just file/print server then there is no reason really to use windows, samba can handle domains and all that stuff.

If you are using Linux however there are loads of distributions to choose from, you want one that is well supported, the large companies, RedHat/Novell(Suse), have great hardware/software support as do their derivatives (like CentOS). The other distributions are also fine but you will need to make sure that the support is there should you need it.
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would running the windows instance inside a vmware virtual machine be an option?

hallhillAuthor Commented:

The staffs who can access to Account Server are allowed to access internet.


Apology, look up the definition for Samba but could not grasp it clearly.It has something to do with Unix?Please do explain to me.

The technician suggested me of using Ubuntu because it has user friendly features.For your information, I hv never used any of the linux variations before.

Rance Hall,

What vmware virtual machine?Can you explain it to me?

Please be reminded that it has to be 2 servers running.One must be windows because the accounts software is windows compatible only while the other was Linux because cost saving and open source.
There are only 45 staffs.
hi,what i have meant by internet access is if the server would be connected to internet or not. Anyway if your accounting software needs to instal in windows server then you dont have anychoice. Do you? As i said if you have good firewal setup and if you keep uptodate windows patches regularly then i m nt seeing any problem. Now if you dont have to install acounting software and like sage we just need to keep database in server and other pc would be able to acces that database then as jool said you can use wil work as a file server in linuw and you would be able to acces that linux from windows pc. But as i said, if you have to install accounting software then you wil have to use windows server..
Wmware is a product where you can virtualy instal operating system such as windows or linux,it wil save you from buying another server. Example,if you instal vmware in linux server then you would be able to create a windows server virtualy and would be able to do same thing as its a real server. So you can cutdown 1 server cost..
Sory i m writting from mobike. So any spelling mistake plese ignore that. Thanks
hallhillAuthor Commented:
So, you are saying:

1. Account Server will be using Windows because the software is windows compatible
2. Use Samba for  Linux server to enable the windows based PCs to access

However, I don't understand much about vmware.Is vmware about putting the vmware and windows server OS into the linux machine(server)?The way I see it, It resembles to dual operating system.

hallhillAuthor Commented:
Are you also from my country??

If you are, do contact me.

hahaah no, i guess you are from Malaysia is not it ??

its allright, if you need any help just send me email to fosiul at
i would be happy to help you.

but here as I said, did you find out about accounts software ??
hallhillAuthor Commented:
I will let you know about the accounts software once I get more info.

What I have been doing all this while is to never involve in the implementation part, involve only on the IT sales & management .Been relying on technical team without understanding certain principles of IT before this.Have to change that way as my company is in growth mode.

So, I am learning more about business intelligence as I worry that I might rely the decision making only on technical dept without considering the overall impact it will have to my company and my existing clients and potential clients in future.

yes , understand . anyway, let me know if you need any help  , i would be happy to help you.
Rance_HallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry for being late, but I was out of the office traveling yesterday.

Generally speaking servers spend most of their time waiting for something to do.

virtual machine technology allows one physical box to "pretend" to be two logical boxes.

Meaning that one can install a full windows OS inside an application window on linux box, and vice-versa

thats what vmware allows you to do, and thats why i suggested it.

You dont really HAVE to have two SERVERS, but you do have to have two OPERATING SYSTEMS relate to each other.  No reason this cant happen on the same physical box, provided the physical box is no slouch, if its beefy enough, one box will be fine.
hallhillAuthor Commented:
The account software needed to be installed in the server
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