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Options with Importing Pictures and Videos not functioning

When I connect my digital photo camera to my Vista and try to Import pictures and videos from it, there is this Windows wizard that starts (as shown on screen shot).

There is an Options link which is not working when I click on it.

Any ideas how to make it operational again?

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1 Solution
As with everything there are some small steps to check prior to uploading off your camera.
Try this Vista Beginners guide it'll show you how to do them.
hopefully it covers your problem.
How to import pictures from your digital camera
neshasAuthor Commented:
Heh, heh,...nice try Merete :)
I'm not that novice.

On the site you've suggested, there is a line, that I'm refering to with my question to EE: "If you want to customize the import settings, click the Options button. Now you can change the following settings: "

That is what I cannot do recently. It has nothing to do with the camera, since it was working few weeks ago.
I just can open "Import Settings" (see the attached file taken from that site).
I read it all   :)
 please look down the comments posted >>
I cannot change any import, there is two ,
use the second one ;)
That's because there isn't one.
Open Windows Photo Gallery, click on File->Options. Select tab called "Import"
Import settings are hidden away in there.
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neshasAuthor Commented:
Well, I did check File/Options/tab "Import" before I posted this question...and yes, it is empty, settings are hidden away.

I just can't find a solution to make them visible so I can use Options again.
So, here I am with EE :)
Hi neshas , and this feature was working?
And now is in operable?
even experts cannot know everything as to what causes a system to change settings it's a process of elimination  :)
Any areas stand out since this feature stopped functioning. what you have added installed? deleted?
this may assist you.
How to hide Windows Photo Gallery after installing Windows Live Photo Gallery
Try system restore as a quick work around.
Is this on a home system? Not at work? Policies maybe in place if it's at work.
Any one else use this system besides yourself?
Are you the default administrator?
Log on as the default Admin.
I'm off to work will check in later, hope it assists you.
neshasAuthor Commented:
Yes Merete, this feature was working few weeks ago.
Unfortunately, now it isn't. :((
Yes, there are some other areas not functioning on my system:

1. Failing to install Vista SP1 - error 0x80070002

2. Cannot delete damaged files

3. After 'Publishing' WMM crashes
(this one is solved just recently and while looking for that solution, I came up with this problem of Options  on Importing Images and Video)

No way to do restore at this point...and as I can remember (I am at work right now) I disabled this feature (or did I?) some time ago trying to save space. Anyway, I almost never really used it (never meaning this one and previous MS OS).

This is my home system, with 2 more users. I'm the only one with Admin rights.
Other 2 are 'plain' users, not installing or changing anything without my involvement (password)...
Can't see any other way to logon as 'default Admin'...

Will check the link you've provided in your last post and see...
some time ago trying to save space. , how much space do you have left neshas, if the hard drive does not have sufficient lots of problems can occur.
Do you have all the required to run Vista sp1?
Coudl be a previous update gone wrong.
When you installed sp1 did you turn off the AV and the internet access?
Was this through windows updates?
Take a look at your events errors these will help us. Note the id numbers and event and post them back here please.

See if these can assist"
You receive a "0x80070002" or "0x80070003" error code after you download an
update from
Windows Update, from Microsoft Update, or from Windows Server Update
error 0x80070002 is associated with a backup file. if you did not have suffcient space the backup files maybe corrupted.
Hense a lisencing issue also falls under this error
Source>> look under>>File Backup
The system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002)
This problem is due to one or more profiles under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows
NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList with missing ProfileImagePath.

neshasAuthor Commented:

"how much space do you have left":
at that time, some weeks ago (I think 6-10, not sure), I was on 80GB HDD which was almost full. So, I had to make some space (delete TEMP files, uninstall unnecessary software, stop Restore...
Later on I upgraded to 250GB, and now I have just enough space.

"Do you have all the required to run Vista sp1?":
what exactly do you mean?

"Coudl be a previous update gone wrong.":
hardly. I installed it easily, and later uninstalled.

"When you installed sp1 did you turn off the AV and the internet access?":
no I did not turn AV. As for internet access, I just can't remember was I installing SP1 through internet or stand alone file...:(

"Was this through windows updates?":
Huh, really can't remember.

"Take a look at your events errors these will help us":
I will certainly do that, hopefully today.

I'm doing this procedure now every time I try to install SP1. I've read it as soon as SP1 problem occurred. This is also written in Vista Offline Help where I have spotted first as soon as I got stuck. So, I'm aware of this resolution procedure, and it is not helping me solving this problem.

"...missing ProfileImagePath":
well, this one could be helpful...will see later and inform you. Hope not to mess something with profiles...

"The best way for one to turn their life completely around is to go 90 degrees"
Do I really need SP1... ;)
Do you need xpsp1 yes and no!!
I will not use Vista stayed with Xp pro sp2. Since it's inception there is just too much down time, I use my system a lot for video editing and animations.
Quote from MS.
Before installing SP1, all users running Windows Vista RTM (that is, if you bought your computer with Vista preinstalled) will need to install three updates from Microsoft.
 Microsoft's Windows Update will automatically detect and install these updates prior to the release of Windows Vista SP1. Two of these updates increase the success rate for installing Windows Vista SP1; one is necessary only if you have Windows Vista Enterprise or Windows Vista Ultimate installed.
If you uninstalled Vista sp1 that maybe where your problem started.
At this stage what I would do is backup everything and run a repair-re-install using the original Vista setup disc.
or even consider a format and clean install since you have upgraded the hard drive.
What's the brand of your system? If you have an OEM brand lets say HP it will have the recovery discs?
So there is different methods to repair.
Also what are you running Vista home Vista Ultimate etc??
I use these the best illistrated guides on the net but you'll need to select your particular OS then select single page
select your OS from one of the 4 images here
laptops and OEM
Main home page
neshasAuthor Commented:
First, let me point out that I didn't have time yesterday to do as I said in my previous post (look for event errors, regedit-profiles...).
Now I'm at work, and hopefully I will try to find some time later tonight and try all that.

My home PC (the one with SP1 problem) is not a brand one, but it consists of brand parts (you can see the list in my profile, but hardly it makes any difference on this matter).
I bought it some two years ago without any OS. I installed XPPro. Worked swell. With SP2 too...
Later (some 10 months ago) I installed Vista Ultimate over XPPro.
I only have Vista Ultimate Install CD, no other repair discs.

All-in-all, I'm very satisfied with Vista (had Beta on my work PC as a Beta tester, and from the moment it hit the market I installed Business edition). I think Vista is much better in all (well, 80%) aspects comparing to all its precedents. Wouldn't go back, but eagerly waiting for Win7...

"...run a repair-re-install using the original Vista setup disc.":
I tried that, but the only option I get is clean install. I didn't find anything like 'repair' as there is with MS Office...Or am I missing something? (I booted from CD)

I'm trying to avoid clean install since I have lots of other software installed as well.
Installing Vista all over again will be too painful for me and other 2 users, 'cause I would have to install  other software, and that would probably take months, which me and my users can't afford.
And, I would have to install many updates (Vista, Office, other software) all over again...Not sure it's worth an effort...hell with SP1 :)

So, I'm tying to find other ways, if there are any...
If not, than I'll probably consider this. :(

I've looked 3 links you've posted, and I've been there before...Just can't find there any link talking about repairing. As it looks to me, these guides are not for me...Correct me if I'm wrong.

Thnx for spending time trying to help me solve this problem of mine.
Hope I can help you neshas :)
Vista Business thanks for that.
Running a repair re-install is the same as XP, set the bios to boot from rom, press any key to run setup, select the drive to install windows then choose repair.
Here's a step by step guide ( Visually)  how to repair Vista Business, it says system restore but actually it's a repair.
Please look right through the guide you'll find it very informative.
How to use the Windows Vista Business CD or DVD to run System Restore.
Best Wishes
neshasAuthor Commented:
No no no Merete.
I've said Vista Ultimate is the one with SP1 problem, my home PC.

I've mentioned Business to illustrate how much I work with Vista. It is my work machine, and this one is working fine with SP1.
neshasAuthor Commented:
Are you SURE repairing is the ultimate solution for 'mine' problem with SP1?
neshasAuthor Commented:
neshasAuthor Commented:
Well, I don't want System Restore, am I?
I can start that one without booting from CD, but I desabled System Restore, so I don't have dates.
Especially not the ones when I last installed/uninstalled SP1, some months ago.

What I need is Startup Repair?
neshas just so I'm clear, you uninstalled the update sp1 some months ago?
had no problems!!
 until you attempted to re-install it recently?
There is the also the system file checker, remember sfc /scannow yep Vista has it as well.
try that first. good old stuff migt replace any lost files.
Based on the input you gave if the SFC doesnt fix it post those events errors please.
Then we'll look into the repair re-install as a last resort.

neshasAuthor Commented:
When SP1 was released (when was that?), I downloaded it and installed on my home PC, Vista Ultimate.
Few days later, I was not satisfied with some elements that were working before SP1 and I assumed it was because of SP1, so I uninstalled it.
"I will install it later again I've said to myself at that time.

Later, on some day in September, I've decided to try and install SP1 once again. Immediately I came up with problem that I'm referring here. I tried lot's of things and finaly asked EE.

I did chkdsk and notning wrong came up.

I did sfc /scannow several times in last few days.
I'm getting this:
"Verification 100% complete.
Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them."

BTW, log file is some 8,5MB large.
Since adding such files on EE is not allowed, what do you suggest? Maybe if I ZIP-it, it will be lass than 5MB...

"Allowed: bmp doc gif jpeg jpg log mdb pdf png txt xls zip | Max: 5 MB"
Sure zip it I find it doesnt shrink them that much. If you have that many errors woa.
I'd just snapshot them if you like.
Take a look at the main areas when the problems started
 time frame wise for September.
neshasAuthor Commented:
Actually, it's 8,95 MB (9.386.238 bytes)
here it comes...ZIPped.
While i check it out.
Have you tried the Vista report tool,
When some hardware or software problems occur on your computerfor example, if a program stops working or stops responding Windows creates a problem report so you can check for a solution.
Open Problem Reports and Solutions by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, and then clicking Problem Reports and Solutions.
In the left pane, click Change settings.
Select Check for solutions automatically (recommended), and then click OK.
You'll be notified if there are steps you can take to prevent or solve the problem.
I'll have to go now will check back tomorrow.
regards M
neshasAuthor Commented:
Well Merete, as I've sad few hours ago:

"First, let me point out that I didn't have time yesterday to do as I said in my previous post (look for event errors, regedit-profiles...).
Now I'm at work, and hopefully I will try to find some time later tonight and try all that."

It's 14:10 here, I'm at work till 17:00-18:00, that I have some basketball match, so, later tonight (my time), probably after 22:00...if I'm not too tired...That will be in some 8-9 hours from now, and that I'll post what errors did Vista record.

"Select Check for solutions automatically (recommended), and then click OK.":
It is and has alway been checked with me, but Vista never came up with a solution to this SP1 problem.
Just a short note, I'm in Australia 11 pm here work tomorrow, I took a quick look at your logs and these logs I'm not familiar with.
Is it a SFC log?
But does seem to point to a problem with setup. And a mismatched image.
it's missing some integral bits.
 this  one..
Failed to find the CixTarget for Container package_for_kb948590_server~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~
2008-10-07 21:02:23, Error DpxException hr=0x80070002 code=0x020109
Failed to find the CixTarget for Container package_for_kb948590_sc~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~
2008-10-07 21:02:23, Error DpxException hr=0x80070002 code=0x020109
2008-10-07 21:02:23, Error Failed to find the CixTarget for Container package_for_kb948590_winpe~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~
2008-10-07 21:02:23, Error                        DpxException hr=0x80070002 code=0x020109
Found: {l:32 b:Ikm6O8a2fByYneTpUBf2CfjF0WdmM2NSLQ0A1UIzU4U=} Expected: {l:32 b:dUP2J8zZAKthQTA78bQ09okZ62iFdZw/0CJUTpDtpF8=}00000186 [SR]
Cannot repair member file [l:18{9}]"img17.jpg" of Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Wallpaper-Common, Version = 6.0.6000.16386, pA = PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_INTEL (0), Culture neutral, VersionScope = 1 nonSxS, PublicKeyToken = {l:8 b:31bf3856ad364e35}, Type neutral, TypeName neutral, PublicKey neutral in the store, hash mismatch

2008-10-08 15:44:20, Info                  CSI    00000187 Hashes for file member \SystemRoot\WinSxS\x86_microsoft-windows-shell-wallpaper-common_31bf3856ad364e35_6.0.6000.16386_none_2f7a9baeae4941df\img17.jpg do not match actual file [l:18{9}]"img17.jpg" :

This entry indicates that the file content does not match the operating system definition for the file. In this situation, the SFC.exe program cannot repair the file.
the solution is to  re-install Vista as suggested so that the original Vista is complete.
You could slave this hard drive buy a new hard drive and clean install Vista RC1

SP1 fails with Failed to find the CixTarget
The fix was to reinstall Vista and do it as "Upgrade" rather than "Clean
Install" so programs don't get wiped out. After that, SP1 installed.
Re: Unable to install - error code 80070002

When you get a chance
Working with Vista's new Event Viewer
Application events and the corresponding id number, that id number is the key.

But at the end of reading through your logs re-install is recomended.
Or slave this hard drive.
When you upgraded from xp to Vista did you use the upgrade path? or clean install?

ok it's all in your hands now.
See you in two days.
Regards M
neshasAuthor Commented:
How did we end up with SP1 in the first place?
This question is about "Options with Importing Pictures and Videos not functioning"

Anyway, yes, it is SFC log.

Do you mean Repair?
Or must it be new clean install?
Clean install is nightmare for me.
neshasAuthor Commented:
"When you upgraded from xp to Vista did you use the upgrade path? or clean install?"

I started XP, inserted Vista CD and installed over XP.
How did we end up with SP1 in the first place?
This question is about "Options with Importing Pictures and Videos not functioning"

we ended up with sp1 center of topic because of the errors codes you provided, at first it seemed a relatively simple thing to set right with importing  but then you dropped the bombshell errors.
To fix your problems with missing tabs and anything else that's not running right on your system may require a repair re-install that shoudl damage your files only replace windows files..
The upgrade path is good, the idea behind that is to ensure the integral components /software are in place.
You mention there are other accounts when logged into another account same problems?

Import settings are hidden
try unhiding the system files first Click the round blue Start thing in the left corner
Click Control Panel /Click Folder Options/Click the View tab/Click Show hidden files and folders
 to see system files as well, unclick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)
press OK
then go to Windows Photo Gallery, click on File->Options. Select tab called "Import"
Have you installed the software for this camera?
cheers it's the week end now.
opps should state a repair re-install  will " not damage " your files but replace windows files only.
If in doubt don't :)
neshasAuthor Commented:
I was so tired last night (my time), just didn't do anything with my machine...

"You mention there are other accounts when logged into another account same problems?"
- I've tried with other 2 users to update SP1, but the same error appeared.
I even created brand new administrator user, still no change.
On the other hand i DIDN'T check can these users see the Import tab. Will do that this weekend.

"opps should state a repair re-install  will " not damage " your files but replace windows files only.
If in doubt don't :)"
- Well, when we talk about MS, maybe there is no doubt between damage-replace :))
neshasAuthor Commented:
"Control Panel /Click Folder Options/Click the View tab/Click Show hidden files and folders
 to see system files as well, unclick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)
press OK
then go to Windows Photo Gallery, click on File->Options. Select tab called "Import" "
Did that, no change :(

"Have you installed the software for this camera?"

Intresting how Import tab can be seen from my Windows LIVE Photo Gallery...
I agree with your thoughts it's probably the default navigating point via Windows LIVE Photo Gallery>>>Intresting how Import tab can be seen from my Windows LIVE Photo Gallery....

What would you like me to look at neshas?
All looks right so far.
By all accounts I'd say there is not a problem here, simply change the directory for your imports via Live Photo Gallery by default.
It's probably designed like that.
I can't test this with Vista as I dont have any Vista systems at hand at the moment all using xp pro.
Kind regards
One idea,  looking at your snap of the auto play, you have only highlighted Pictures, to get the extras.

set your import options >> import pictures and videos using  live photo gallery.
that should it :)

neshasAuthor Commented:
"set your import options >> import pictures and videos using  live photo gallery"

Yes, Merete, I (know I) can do that...or I can use any other option from there (as I already do when importing) to get pictures from my camera.
But that is not the issue here.
I want this blank Import tab to be proper as it was few weeks ago.

Well, I'll try to solve this with great help from EE.

As for my SP1 problem, now I have some real problems...
You can refer (if you like) to this:
neshasAuthor Commented:
Well, I had to do it. Reinstall Vista all over again. It looks as some files or registry settings or both were somehow corrupted and there was no other way to make Vista work again. So, I finally gave up and did the inevitable. After all, maybe this is for the best, to refresh my computer, before buying Mac :)

Now, my horror started all over...installing other software as well, configuring settings...

Thnx Merete for your great effort and time with me, Love neshas!
Thank you neshas, I'm sure you have gained from this experience though unfortunate as it is the long road back to re-installing everything.
Good thing you had backed up often.
Sharing a computer with others also increases the possibility when something goes wrong it effects all the accounts and makes it more difficult to get back.
I wish you well.
Best Wishes

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