Wiriing a 66 block for 1 line going into two outlets.

Posted on 2008-10-07
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Last Modified: 2013-12-22
  I have a phone line that was installed into one of our warehouses. I want to take that line and branch it off into 2 different jacks located in separate parts of the building. One jack will be used for DSL the other for a fax machine.

   I figure the best way would be to use a 66 block which is already installed. I know how to punch down the 66 block and get the cable to work with 1 outlet  but I can't figure out how to make it go to a second outlet without making it look really really messy. This is how the wire currently is in the system.

OUTLETS                                              DEMARK CABLING
1st cable  -------> --- ----^--- ----<----- 1st cable
2nd cable -------> --- ----^--- ----<----- 2nd cable
                 -------> --- ---- --- ----<-----
                 -------> --- ---- --- ----<-----
                 -------> --- ---- --- ----<-----

I couldn't really find  a good chart to explain how to do the wiring correctly online. Any help would be appreciated.
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Ok - say your line comes in on the left most set of 66 punch down pins.  Then, you punch your patch wire on the next most right set.

Like this:
1  2   3    4
I   O   U   U
I   O   U   U

Where I is incoming, O is outgoing, and U is unused.

After you have the configuration above, you could put a "bridge clip" http://store.ultraspec.us/66blbrclinpa.html between the two inside pins, the O and the U, so the signal travels from column 2 to 3.  Now, you can put another "outgoing" punch down on the 4 column. so it's like this:

1  2   3    4
I   C--C   O
I   C--C   O

Now, take the outgoing wire off the 4th column over to a different set of 66 blocks (or use the same one, lower down) and treat it as "incoming" signal and punch it down normally.

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So I can punch down a cable onto 2 and use a bridge clip on 2 and 3 at the same time? I thought you couldn't use a bridge clip on the middle 2 pins if you had cables connected to them.
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Granted, it's not a normal config.  But I think it would work - and be better solution than double punching.

Alternatively, I've seen some home kits for "structured wiring" which take one line and put it on a "common bus" to 12-24 110 connectors.
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You can daisy-chain the connections.  For POTS, it works fine. One long wire is punched down to many locations.  Main problem is to add another, you have to re-do the whole wire.

For creating a bridge, see here:

After creating the bridge, use clips to connects.  Easier to add and remove.
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by:Mark Damen
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I'm in the UK so forgive me if it is different.

I would do this.  Put in an ADSL filter at the point where the socket comes into the building.  Run Cat53 cable terminated with RJ11 from the DSL side of the filter to your ADLS device, and run a phone extension wire to the fax machine.  Or, better still, place the ADSL router as close to the phone point where it enters the building as possible, and run Cat5e cable from the LAN port of the router to a network switch.

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