PCI cards on ML310 G5 (HP) Server

Good afternoon.

I have an ML310 G5 server from HP, and I opened it up the other day to install a PCI paralell card only to find that it's not PCI.

It's basically PCI but 1/3 of the size and reversed.

I have absoloutely no Idea what type of connection this is, nor where to find a paralell and a modem card that will fit it!

It might be a PCIe x2 slot if it is, then will a PCIe x1 card work in it?

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wanndererConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Information taken from HP website about ML310 G5
Expansion slots
 Up to 5 total
(1) PCI Express x8
(3) PCI Express x1
Optional Extender Board for (1) 64-bit/100MHz PCI-X

So your port would be a PCI x1

And to answer your other question a PCI 1x can be plugged in any bigger PCI slots

Quote from Wikipedia :
PCIe slots come in a variety of physically different sizes referred to by the maximum lane count they support, ie. x1, x2, x4, x8, x16 and x32. A PCIe card will fit into a slot of its s
This may help about half way down are pictures of different pci slot with descriptions.

ML310 G5 basically have the following slots:
(1) PCI Express x8
(3) PCI Express x1
Optional Extender Board for (1) 64-bit/100MHz PCI-X

So if you are using an PCIe card it will compatible on same or larger lane, meaning on an PCIex2 slot a PCIe x1 card will work.
Hope this helps. Thanks.
Haha ... this is funny :P

At least now we are sure the info is good ... 2 experts agree on the subject
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