How do I complete this code to work effectively?

Posted on 2008-10-07
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
                       All in C# language
I seeking help in extending the  implementation of the mimimax algorithm  in  this program so that
(1).  in addition to the variable that holds the minimax value of the node, the node has a

         variable that holds the board position. The value of this variable can simply be an array of

         length nine which takes the values x and o (or 1 and -1, if you prefer integers).

(2).    the tree is generated automatically by computing the successor states for the board

       position represented by a particular node. Start with the empty board for the root node

       and recursively compute the successors until you reach terminal nodes.

(3). the data value of a terminal node is determined by the board position that it represents:

         1, if Max wins

        0, if it is a draw

       -1, if Min wins

(4). after running the program, all nodes should have the appropriate minimax values.
using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Text;

public class Minimax


static void Main(string[] args)


// generate a simple game tree, starting with the root

Tree tree = new Tree(0);


// children of the root

tree.children = new Forest(new int[] { 0, 0 });

// children of the left child of the root

tree.children.first.children = new Forest(new int[] { 0, 7, 9 });

// children of the right child of the root = new Forest(new int[] { 4, 8, 6 });

// children of the leftmost child of the left child of the root

tree.children.first.children.first.children = new Forest(new int[] { 5, 3, 1 });

// write the expected and calculated minimax values to the console

Console.WriteLine("Expected minimax value is 5");

Console.WriteLine("Calculated minimax value of the tree " + tree.Minimax(true));

Console.WriteLine("Press any key to exit ...");


} // end method Main

private class Tree


public int data; // data stored in node

public Forest children; // link to the children of the node

// create a tree without children and initialize data

public Tree(int nodeData)


data = nodeData;

children = null; // node has no children

} // end constructor

// determine the minimax value of the node

public int Minimax(Boolean maximise)


// this method calculates the minimax value for the tree, which is:

// - the value in data, if the tree is a leaf

if (children == null) return data;

// - the maximum of the minimax values of the subtrees, if maximise is true

if (maximise) return children.Max();

// - the minimum of the minimax values of the subtrees, if maximise is false

else return children.Min();

} // end method Minimax

} // end class Tree

private class Forest


public Tree first; // first tree

public Forest rest; // remaining trees

// create a single-node tree for each piece of data and link them together

public Forest(int[] nodeData)


first = new Tree(nodeData[0]);

if (nodeData.Length > 1)


rest = new Forest(nodeData, 1);


else rest = null;

} // end constructor

public Forest(int[] nodeData, int start)


first = new Tree(nodeData[start]);

if (nodeData.Length - start > 1)


rest = new Forest(nodeData, start + 1);


else rest = null;

} // end constructor

// determine the maximum of the minimax values of the trees in the forest

public int Max()


// this method returns the maximum of the minimax values of the trees in the forest

int max = first.Minimax(false);

if (rest != null) max = Math.Max(first.Minimax(false), rest.Max());

return max;

} // end method Max

// determine the minimum of the minimax values of the trees in the forest

public int Min()


// this method returns the minimum of the minimax values of the trees in the forest

int min = first.Minimax(true);

if (rest != null) min = Math.Min(first.Minimax(true), rest.Min());

return min;

} // end method Min

} // end class Forest

} // end class Minimax

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So which part you don't know how to do? (And what game are we talking about anyway? :-))

Author Comment

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This is a tic-tac-toe game.
The required outcome is fully explained in text form accompanying the code.

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Fake website

Expert Comment

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Umm, my previous comment wasn't intended to be a solution to this problem.

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