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I have starting studing for my CCNA & got to the FrameRelay section and now need some sort of lab to start some testing.  I have a 2901 router but no serial interface cards for it.  I have been offered the following.  

Can anyone please give me some advise on it.  Is this a good starting point for my Lab?  Will I have everything to test all protocols required to pass the CCNA.  Any advise would be much very useful.

2 x 2924-XL-EN Layer 2 Switch
2 x 2501 16/16 Router 12.3 IP Plus IOS (ethernet + dual serial)
1 x WIC-1T Serial interface for 2801 Router
2 x serial cables
3 x cat5 straight cables
3 x cat5 crossover cables
1 x console cable
4 x power cables
2 x training CDs
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Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

I think you can do all this using the Dynagen and GNS3;

Also visit;
Yes, uetian1707 is right. Dynagen is a Cisco IOS emulator. It will load the actual cisco IOS and you will be able to use it as you use real routers. You can configure any numbers of routers and switches using it.

I have passed my CCNP using it.. and some people even have used it to pass CCIE.

Give it a try.. it is very easy to use and you will fall in love with it.

 Happy dynagening....:)

And yes, you the list which you mentioned for CCNA home LAB covers almost all the required things to setup LAB at home.
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Your lab is sufficient for passing the CCNA. Using simulators are great too from the cost perspective, but I do recommend that you get familiar with Cisco hardware. I have met many guys in the field that are clueless with they come face to face with actual hardware because they always use simulators.
sk123456Author Commented:
I understand that I could probadly get away with using emulators, but really want to get some cisco hardware experience- to help to build confidence I suppose.  I do use emulators where do I get the cisco IOS from?   I only have guest access to the cisco site.  Does my potential lab cover everything for the CCNA?

There is a software called IOSHunter I used to use when I didn't have access to Cisco's site. I will allow you download some basic Ios images. Google it and you should be able to find it.
I ended up getting a lab similar to what you have spec'd out, but ended up using the BOSON simulator more than the lab.  It was easier to to study when I could bring the lab with me.
Be sure to check out the Cisco Learning Network.   There are a ton of helpful games and tools to practice for the exam.
the following should be sufficient for the basic CCNA learning home lab.
2 x Cisco 2620 Routers
2 x WS-C2924M-XL-EN
2 x WIC-1T
2 x DTE/DCE Serial Cables
4 x Power Cables
1 x Console Cable

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