How to remove a non-existant BDC from FRS

Nearly a year ago our BDC crashed and burned. The server itself was replaced. I never did promote the new fileserver to a BDC and I've seen errors in the event viewer regarding FRS trying to replicate with the now non-existent BDC. I removed every trace of the old server from AD and DNS but apparently this isnt where FRS info is stored because I still saw errors trying to replicate with the old server.

Now I believe we're experiencing problems with AD because (I assume) FRS has reached a limitation in errors/attempts.

How might I go about removing the DC knowledge of the now non-existent BDC server so this issue doesnt repeat?
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KCTSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Treat it as a failed DC and follow the instructions at
waltb123Author Commented:
Thank you kindly. Awesome website btw.
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