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I'm looking for an easy and efficient way to convert at least 50 or more word documents to HTML files. Is there a program that can do this instead of going into each file and changing it to HTML? Also, will the HTML code like nice and be a good structure?
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Loganathan NatarajanLAMP DeveloperCommented:
i suggest to use dreamweaver to do it. just copy the file content and create the html pages. so that you will have good html structure.
asp_net2Author Commented:

So you don't recommend for me to save the doc to HTML within Word? Does it matter what version of Dreamweaver? Is there a free way instead of using Dreamweaver?

your suggestion looks to complicated.
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The easiest way to do this is to download the FREE open office suite -- -- it is a simple install, you can remove it later if you want.  But after you get used to it, it is better than MS word.

In open office writer (all you need to install), just click on the DOC file made by word, and then do file export to HTML and in a second you will have an XML compliant HTML file from your word document.  50 files, 50 minutes, and you are done.  OpenOffice writer also makes flawless PDFs in one click too.

With the HTML file, you might have to style the <P> tag to --

P  (border:0px, margin:0px; padding:0px; } to get rid of the double spaced appearance.
asp_net2Author Commented:

Why is OpenOffice better? Will it produce CLEAN HTML?
OO writer produces very clean HTML -- almost too much so for my tastes.  Unless you specifically add a table, the design is tableless, it relies on individual styling of the <P> tag for most text, and it is very easy to edit or add global CSS to it.  The newer version, I believe, produces XML compliant.  But remember, this is essentially a word processor, like word but better.  You won't get WYSIWYG layout from it like a page design program.  The best part of OO writer is simply this -- you can type full speed, and with the click of a button, to get clean HTML out of it, or a flawless PDF -- and it can work with DOC files as well as native.
asp_net2Author Commented:
OO writer did NOT produce clean HTML. The format wash horrible compared to others like ClicktoConvert.
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