How to redirect email from a nonexistent account to my gmail account?

Hi everybody. I want to create an alias for my gmail account. Gmail requires that you use an existent account  but I need an account with a tld .al and the domain name I need is already taken. Gmail needs to verify that the address is mine so it send a verification email to it. In case I specify a nonexistent address and gmail sends a verification email to it, would it be possible for me to catch this email? I am not trying to do anything illegal, I just need an address of the type
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Peter HartConnect With a Mentor Commented:
no - don't be silly.
you can only have the address if you own the domain. duh
Chris JamesCommented:
If you manage the domain, you can create a catch all account and any mail that is sent to a particular account that doesn't exist, will be sent there. haha.
luleshAuthor Commented:
hey guys i already know about this things. That's why I posted the question, to find out whether it is possible to circumvent them.
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Chris JamesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then the answer is no, I guess.... *shrugs*
Peter HartCommented:
the answers were honest - not offensive
Peter HartCommented:
sorry - what is the process ?
I thought the object button was to object to the close process.
Peter HartCommented:
Lulesh, I'm sorry if I my remark came across as offensive, it was silly of me.
I was just trying to make light of the fact you were suggesting was infact  illegally (intercept an email address that was owned by someone else)
sorry again.
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