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to print from terminal services using a usb hp printer

Hi there,

I have an HP Photosmart 2600 printer and I use Remote desktop to connect to my terminal server.  I would like to print to my locally connected printer using remote desktop, it looks like all the settings are right, the remote desktop connection has ticked detect local printers but it does not detect it.  How can I get around this problem as I desperately need to print from home.

Many thanks
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2 Solutions
You may want to review the following link regarding printing from a remote desktop session, though it sounds like you have everything configured correctly.

My suspicions would be the 3G wireless connection.
Is this a direct RDP connection, or are you using a VPN?
1.Not likely related to the printing problem, but the fact that the session printers are not being deleted may be helped by installing the user profile hive clean up service:

2.Are there any related errors on the server in the event viewer, system log, with the source as "print"?

3.The first thing is, to print to your local print, the server must have the same printer driver you have at home, installed on the server. Is that the case?

4.The second thing is, although you may be tempted to install the driver on the server, you should do this ONLY as your LAST option and only AFTER making sure the driver is developed for Windows Server 2003 AND does work with TS.
The list of HP printers supported on TS can be found here:
http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX110571 (do not worry about Citrix - if they support, TS does it as well).

5.If your printer is there, great. Just get the driver and install on the TS and everything should work ok.
If it is not there you may try an alternate driver (like Deskjet 500 or LaserJet 5 - if you have a laser printer). The way to do this is to create an .INF file as per this article:

6.To set up printing with remote desktop:
-On the users workstation when they start the remote desktop connection client, click the options button, and then go to the local resources tab. Check the box for printers and save.
-the drivers for the printer have to be installed on the computer to which you are connecting, assuming they are not native to the operating system. Do not install the printer on the computer to which you are connecting but rather; on the "server" computer, open printers and faxes, on the menu bar go to file, server properties, add, and point to the diver .inf file. You will have to download the drivers first to a temporary folder. If you do this remotely, you should log off and back on before trying to print
-if still having problems, again on the computer to which you are connecting, go to printers and faxes, on the menu bar go to file, server properties, ports. Look at the port type. If it is a Dot4, you will need to use the following Microsoft fix: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;q302361
-if it is an option, often connecting the printer to another local computer and sharing it, then connecting to the share rather than having it attached locally, often resolves the problem. If you are using a VPN client this is not always possible, due to routing issues.
-if you are using a USB printer, though it usually works (some multi-function units do not), Microsoft does not officially support USB printing through remote desktop sessions. Vista is supposed to resolve this, though it doesn't help you now.
-avoid PCL6 drivers with terminal services
-Microsoft has released an updated version of the Remote desktop Connection (ver 6) which should be more compatible with USB printers. Certainly offers more USB options, assuming these are compatible with existing O/S's.
download the appropriate drivers from the manufacturer's website.  In the case of HP multi-function's you need to download the "BASIC" package with network support.

Then, all you need to do to add a printer to your server is to open Printers & Faxes, RIGHT CLICK anywhere in the right side panel and select SERVER PROPERTIES.

On the "DRIVERS" tab, click ADD and browse to the appropriate driver, click install.

That's it.

Printers that have not been added will cause an error in the system event log when a user connects --- this is the easiest way to keep an eye on what printers need to be installed on your server.

This is from the MS website
philipgeckoAuthor Commented:
the thing is is that when you rdp on to the main sbs server the printer is picked up superly and works well, can i grab the driver of this server..?  The trouble with this particular printer is that the "basic" driver package is a 37mb exe file, all I really want is the .inf file but I just cant get it...  Is there another way..?
hmmmmm.i doubt it, but did you try to install the driver on a local worksation and try...driver files should be available in the website
Craig RoberdsMISCommented:
for the photosmart 2600 HP recommends you use the deskjet 6540 drivers.  These drivers will have to be installed on the server and the client.
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