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SQL Server 2005 Reporting services sometimes subscriptions don't run or don't deliver

I'm having an issue with running subscription reports on SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services.  When i set up a subscription for a report to run, sometimes it runs, and sometimes it doesn't.  It appears to be totally random...when i look at the error logs on the server, i get 2 different errors...i'll post them here...


Source:: ASP.NET 2.0.50727.0
Category:Web Event
Event ID:1309

Code snippet is attached...


Source: Report Server (MSSQLSERVER)
Event ID: 108

Report Server (MSSQLSERVER) cannot load the Report Server DocumentLibrary extension.

Any help would be appreciated!
Event code: 3005 
Event message: An unhandled exception has occurred. 
Event time: 10/6/2008 5:04:18 PM 
Event time (UTC): 10/7/2008 12:04:18 AM 
Event ID: 285c9257e007424a889590111832e39e 
Event sequence: 448 
Event occurrence: 1 
Event detail code: 0 
Application information: 
    Application domain: /LM/W3SVC/1/Root/Reports-1-128677690827483586 
    Trust level: RosettaMgr 
    Application Virtual Path: /Reports 
    Application Path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.3\Reporting Services\ReportManager\ 
    Machine name: WAREHOUSE 
Process information: 
    Process ID: 4840 
    Process name: w3wp.exe 
Exception information: 
    Exception type: ReportServerException 
    Exception message: Execution 'vugphuuihuzhs5552eli4j45' cannot be found (rsExecutionNotFound) 
Request information: 
    Request URL: http://warehouse.nearbynow.com/Reports/Reserved.ReportViewerWebControl.axd?ReportSession=vugphuuihuzhs5552eli4j45&ControlID=146e87d6613946dc9ca57be6329816fb&Culture=1033&UICulture=9&ReportStack=1&OpType=ReportArea&Controller=ctl139&PageNumber=1&ZoomMode=Percent&ZoomPct=100&ReloadDocMap=true&SearchStartPage=0&LinkTarget=_top 
    Request path: /Reports/Reserved.ReportViewerWebControl.axd 
    User host address: 
    User: NEARBYNOW\lenny 
    Is authenticated: True 
    Authentication Type: NTLM 
    Thread account name: NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE 
Thread information: 
    Thread ID: 9 
    Thread account name: NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE 
    Is impersonating: True 
    Stack trace:    at Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ServerReport.GetExecutionInfo()
   at Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ServerReport.SetExecutionId(String executionId, Boolean fullReportLoad)
   at Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ServerReport.LoadFromUrlQuery(NameValueCollection requestParameters, Boolean fullReportLoad)
   at Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ReportDataOperation..ctor()
   at Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.HttpHandler.GetHandler(String operationType)
   at Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.HttpHandler.ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)
   at System.Web.HttpApplication.CallHandlerExecutionStep.System.Web.HttpApplication.IExecutionStep.Execute()
   at System.Web.HttpApplication.ExecuteStep(IExecutionStep step, Boolean& completedSynchronously)

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webd88Author Commented:
Anyone have any thoughts on this?  
webd88Author Commented:
could i please have an expert look at this question?  
look to cumulative package 7 or 9... not only install but see all the bugs that these versions fix.
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