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Routing internet traffic between two isp's.

I have a situation where I need to route internet traffic for a select group of users to a different T1 than all other users. Currently all internet traffic is routed to an ISA 2004 box then out through our PIX 506. We have all Cisco layer 2 and 3 switching with EIGRP running on part of the network. Our buildings all connect via fiber to a Cisco 3750 in our office. I would like to route traffic from this 3750 if possible. Let me know what information is needed to assist in a solution for this problem and thanks in advance.
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The best way is to do policy-based routing dependent on source IP addresses.
That means, you'll probably want to put those specific users in a separate VLAN.
PIXes and ASAs cannot do PBR - you need to use either an edge router with both ISPs going into it OR an edge switch with PBR (one with an EMI or IP Services image) if your ISPs provide the routers.
Either way, the device doing the PBR needs to be able to see the ISP networks (aka be the edge device).
Cheers! Let me know if you have any questions!
if u have 7.2 ver in cisco ASA its possible to do wan failover but not PBR
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