Scan to File - File Storage Error - Failed to connect to network destination. Check destination path

We've had a Toshiba e-studio 350 multi-purpose coiper/scanner/printer in my office (I'm not expecting anyone to be familiar with this unit).  I'm able to print to, scan to email and scan to a shared drive on one of my servers (Windows 2003 SBS), but not to my file server (Windows 2003 Std. Edt), as I keep getting an errors (File Storage Error on the printer, "Failed to connect to network destination. Check destination path" on the log oof the printer.

I've tried turned on / off and even disable (Not Defined) the "Digitally sign communications" on Default Domain Controller Security Settings as well as Domain Security Policy

The folder is shared and the scan to file on the printer is using administrator login.

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DAHITSydneyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
i fix it by myself
I put the NETBIOS setting to default.
Is the other file server a w2k3 server too?  I've run into the same issue if the server has SMB signing enabled in the local policy.

Ref this post,
DAHITSydneyAuthor Commented:
hi there,
i've tried turned on/off and even disable (not defined) the smb. it's currently disabled now; but still no joy


I believe that is a permission problem.
DAHITSydneyAuthor Commented:
Hi ppaulo,

if it's a permission problem; i shouldn't have a problem scan to file using administrator account or my own account.
my account has full control access to any single folders in the company.

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