Citrix - users can not find working directory

I have 2 Citrix Presentation Servers 4.50. Server1 primary Server2 seconday running on win2003sp2.
i installed an SQL client application on server2 becuase i was running out of space on server1.
We have the database located on a server DBsever. We are still testing this application. the application is installed on server2 on c:/sqlapp/bin/application.exe. when i publish this application i have int he command line : c:/sqlapp/bin/application.exe and working directory C:/sqlapp/bin
When i try to use the application using the client xenn - i got error saying that users can not find working directory after entering username , pass, and domain.
i have done with other application ex. Quickbooks not problem.
Any body has a clue. Please let me know. appreciate your help.
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KrAzYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First are those the exact command lines?   I see you have "/" instead of "\".  Does "application.exe" have a shortcut that was created during install and does that shortcut have the same working directory you've published?  Can you launch it from Terminal Service Remote Desktop ok?  Can you launch it as an admin via Citrix ok?

Is the error a "Citrix" error or "Application" error?  Can you post the exact verbage of the error and/or screenshot?
FaustinoeltinoAuthor Commented:
this is the error i get.
the system can not find the specify path.
This working directoy is invalid c:\sqlapp\bin
please consult help for more information.
The sql appl is installed on server2 and i can run it from there locally. However, when user try to acces to ica client xen i get the above error.
and yes, i can open the sqlappl from a remote destop from my computer to the DBserver (sqlapp on the server).
let me ask you a question the working dirctory has to be exactly where the sqlapp.exe is located , or it can be a different one.
FaustinoeltinoAuthor Commented:
it seems ok now. i have tried. what did is going to ADUC
right click the users name properties -> click on the tab Terminal services profile
-> add c:\sqlapp\bin.application.exe on profile path, and also on the same tab
-> add c:\sqlapp\bin on local path. apply and ok.
i am not getting that error anymore.
i will try wiht other users.
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