Windows cannot browse other domain pcs but can ping them

Hi all,

I have windows server 2003 domain server.
I have another window server 2003 which is not on the domain.
before updates on the second server..all was fine.. S2 can ping and connect and browse other domain pcs.. but after updates it is not able to do can only ping but cannot access them or even see the domain in the network places.

from other pcs on the domain..we can ping and connect to that server remotly but not access it and browse it..

what is the problem ?

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t_itaniumConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
sorry all for being late... nothing helped :( i tried everything last i restored the whole server.
This is because Netbios is not routeable:
Make a WINS connection between the Domain PDCe's.

It's all right here on the below article. I call it the WINS/WAN configuration of the domain master browser>
t_itaniumAuthor Commented:
i enabled the netbios from the NIC but still not working can you calrify more what to do
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Let me make sure I am clear on what you want to do:
As I understand it, you have two sites (call them A and B). You want to browse comptuers on site B when on site A. Then, visa versa.

If so, you need to set up a WINS connection between the Site A master browser and Site B master browser. The reason is, netbios broadcasts are not routeable through a VPN connection.

To set up your WINS connection, follow the information on this article that tells you how to set up your browser service using a WINS connection over the WAN. This article is an all-inclusive article on the browser service.

t_itaniumAuthor Commented:
let me explain it again.
 I have a sever connected to internet acting as web has two connected to internet and one to the domain..but it has its own workgroup.

first I can ping to the domain computers from this web server and can see the domain from networkplaces and access them from run: \\ipaddress

now after updates..i dont know what happens I can still ping the domain but not access them.

Go to the command prompt of your webserver and type:

Browstat Status

Post your results on EE.
t_itaniumAuthor Commented:
well man it is showing nothing !! i tried also to save the result directly to a txt file also nothing inside..
Well, like you said:

On the inside NIC, Enable netbios over TCP/IP (NOT Netbios over DHCP)
On the outside NIC, disable Netbios over TCP/IP.
Make sure your software firewall isn't blocking ports: 137,138, and 139
Then, go to the command prompt and type, NBTstat -RR.

t_itaniumAuthor Commented:
thanks ChiefIT for your fast replies..

let me give you new good information after investigations.

1- although I am enabling netbios from the is giving disabled when writing ipconfig.all in    cmd.
2- NBTstat -RR is giving this error: Failed to access NBT drive -- NBT may not be loaded.
3- After installing the updates long time ago. I noticed that I can not access event viewer any more. access denied.

I have several ideas inmind may help you.. the update may have changed something by mistake in the security policies preventing from accessing the event viewer..the NBT service couldnot be started becuase it is trying to access the event viewer under the logon account annd couldnot..this may be the can we fix this !!??

You disabled the outside NIC's ability to perform Netbios, Netbios is bound to that outside NICs transport. So, in IPconfig /all you will see netbios disabled, but in NIC configuration properties, it might be enabled. You might have to change the Netbios bind order of the nics being used.  

Now, I think you have to change the Net bios bind order. To do this go to Control pannel>>Network Connections>>Dialup connection properties>>Networking tab, WINS and change the order of what NIC is being used for Netbios.

Section 5:


If this works for you, let's troubleshoot your event viewer problem.
t_itaniumAuthor Commented:

I have no dialup connection both network connection..what to do>

isnt it related to security?
No, Netbios is binding to that outside NIC that you disabled Netbios over TCP/IP on.

Even though this is a second NIC, I assumed it was for a VPN connection and will have a "dial up connection". I know it sounds odd, because you are not dialing up to anything.

I would like to point out something to you.

Multihomed domain controllers are problematic for this very reason. There are two defined paths to things like DNS, ICMP, and Netbios translation. Those are the protocols that are used for AD authentication, Network troubleshooting, and the browser service. So, having two NICs can really hose up a domain. If you are routing over the server, consider getting a router to do this for you. If you are not routing over the server, then consider ridding yourself of the second NIC and sticking with the internal NIC. My point is, the need for a second NIC is not very often and with these communications problems, you might consider evaluating the need for the second NIC.
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