Pass PHP Array to JAVAscript

Posted on 2008-10-08
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
I need to pass the array key/value pair that was created in PHP over to a JAVASCRIPT array.  My purpose is much more complex than what I'm showing below, but getting this to work will allow me to build the more complex script.  Here is the simplified version of the code:

First, the php array

$dynamicArray = array("first" => "First Element", "second" => "Second Element", "third => "Third Element");

Now the Form where I pass the value of this array ($dynamicArray) as the second part of my onSubmit statement.

<form name="actionForm" onSubmit="return submitIt(this, <?=$dynamicArray?>)" action="actNow.php" method="post">
   <input type="submit" name="action" value="Start">

Here is my JavaScript where I want to simply display the get the values of the array.

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=Javascript type="text/javascript">
   <!-- Hide script from older browsersr

   function submitIt(p_form, arrayVals) {
     // this script simply displays the key and value in three separate alert boxes
   // I need help for how to get this array elements.  I assume it needs to be a loop of some type
      var firstKey = ???   this should be "first"
      var firstValue = ???  this should be "First Element"
      var secondKey = ???   this should be "second"
      var secondValue = ???  this should be "second Element"
      var thirdKey = ???   this should be "third"
      var thirdValue = ???  this should be "Third Element"

    alert ("The first element pair is: key = [" + firstKey + "] and value of [" +firstValue + "])
    alert ("The second element pair is: key = [" + secondKey + "] and value of [" + secondValue + "])
    alert ("The first element pair is: key = [" + thirdKey + "] and value of [" + thirdValue + "])


Bottom line is how do I do the loop in the JavaScript that creates a pair of the key and value.

Question by:pkonstan1
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Expert Comment

ID: 22667972
Try this

Not sure why you would want to do this, cuz its doensnt look very efficient

foreach($dynamicArray as $key=>$var){
echo "var ".$key."Key =".$key. ";";
echo "var ".$key."Value=".$var. ";";

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Author Comment

ID: 22668748
DerkArts has provided a way to display PHP variables.  That's not what I'm looking for.  I want to get the array into JAVASCRIPT and then have the array variables and their key appear in an alert box.  For simplicity, I'm opting to have it simply show as an alert...the actual application is MUCH MORE COMPLEX but I've simplified to get at the core of what I need.  The bottom line is I need a phpArray value parsed and available as a key/value pair within Javascript so I can manipulate/use it from within Javascript.

Assisted Solution

DerkArts earned 50 total points
ID: 22668804
Then you would need this script. Generating an object, or associative array is you like.

this would produce:
assocArray.first = 'FirstValue';


you could now use: alert(assocArray.first); etc. is this what you meant?
echo "var assocArray = new Object;";
foreach($dynamicArray as $key=>$var){
echo "assocArray.".$key."='".$var. "';";

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Expert Comment

ID: 22669830

Author Comment

ID: 22672639
Okay, I'm giving it my best shot and here's what I'm getting.

in the php portion, my normal array plus one other variable:
$dynamicArray = array("first" => "First Element", "second" => "Second Element", "third => "Third Element");
$otherVar = "showOther";

Then in the JavaScript I have these two alert sections.  The first one works, but the second doesn't.  What do I need to do to get it to read one of the array values?

var otherVar = "<?php echo $otherVar; ?>";
alert ('the Language is [ ' + otherVar + '].')

var arr = "<?php echo $dynamicArray['first']; ?>";
alert ('the Array element is [ ' + arr + '].')


Accepted Solution

wktang83 earned 75 total points
ID: 22673146
You cannot just assign the php array directly to the javascript variable.

Hopefully, the code snippet below will do what you want.
   $dynamicArray = array();
   $dynamicArray[] = "Test";
   $dynamicArray[] = "yes";
   $dynamicArray[] = "no";
<script type="text/javascript">
var arr = new Array();
for ($i = 0; $i < count($dynamicArray); $i++)
   echo 'arr[' . $i . '] = "' . $dynamicArray[$i] . '";';
for (i = 0; i < arr.length; i++)

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Author Comment

ID: 22673407
I just realized that part of the reason that one of my code snippet above didn't work is that I declared the array after I had called the code in a php include statment.  Once I rearranged the order the following worked as desired.  

var arr = "<?php echo $dynamicArray['first']; ?>";
alert ('the Array element is [ ' + arr + '].')

So this process of getting your input really helped.  Thanks.


Author Closing Comment

ID: 31504171
Thanks for your patience in helping me with this.  My problem for why it I was having problems was because of the order being out of sequence.  

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