why most hosting company choose centos?

i just curious why so many hosting company prefer to use centos rather than other linux distro? is there any special features of centos that other linux distributor doesnt have? from what i know centos has auto update feature that already built in most major linux flavour like ubuntu, debian..etc...   can anyone elaborate why centOS so special? Is it because of support?  ...

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nognewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
 because its Redhat replica but free. Its better then Fedora in some ocasions.
Its like you have Redhat but free.
Yes, 'Free' is the operative word here.  Of course, other distributions are free, but CentOS has another feature: it's virtually identical to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Many commercial packages (Websphere, Oracle, etc) are certified to work on RHEL, and so will most likely run on CentOS.

Finally, RHEL has a release lifecycle that is rather long, so if you roll-out a server with a given release of RHEL, you will get bug fixes for a long time (5 years I believe). This is longer than many free linux distributions, and is a great feature when you need stability. CentOS, by virtue of being a repackaged RHEL, gets the same long lifecycle.

nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
And it additional has some more packets in it's porfolio. (like recent KDE besides only Gnome as in RHEL)

Besides that it's rather like RHEL., and it follows RHEL quite quickly when new packages are produced by RedHat.
And some people just don't need the kind of support contract that RedHat requires.
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It's just a kind of choice. The Companies that make this choice have read something that is greater than another distribution. But is one choice and maybe not the good choice... See with windows... every companies have follow this, thinking that is better...

But keep in mind Linux is one computer... you can do what you want.

You can take package that's on another distribution an make that is work on another.

If you see the answer of noci, you think have more packet is good. But if you got the lastest packet with security issue, that is good ?...Definitively not.

It's why people making distribution because they are not doing think and think in the same way.

nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
It is not only about the amount of packages...
The recent releases of kde (3.5.9/10) are mostly about security & bug fixes. So keeping
V3.5.4 alive doesn't seem to help here.
The default KDE in CentOS is equal to  RHEL, but CentOS gives a choice to get a more recent version, supported by the distribution. (without regards to politics between Gnome/KDE).

More important is how you configure your systems and what services get exposed.
And there is a lot of info about RHEL, that is immediatly usable for CentOS.
It's just one example,sorry don't take this personally.

I don't check every package. I leave this to those involved in distribution.

But If I need the upgraded package I install them.

If I think server, for me kde or gnome it doesn't matters i don't need a graphic interface that use memory for nothing.
I object to not having any points awarded. The original question asked for opinions on a specific topic, several of which were given. I believe points should be awarded among participants.

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