Setting up Cisco 2948G running CAT-OS for VOiP - VLAN and QOS where do I start...

Currently undergoing a network redesign

I have to move one of our 2948G to another offce and configure it for VOiP

Guessing I need VLAN and QoS set up but have no idea where to start novice on VOip but not on Cisco

Any help to get me started would be great ?
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MrJemsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Definitely a good idea to separate Voice and Data over Vlans!

The above config wont' be what you are after. I suggest building your own config to suit your purposes.
Below are a few links to get you off the ground with CatOS QoS commands.
set qos enable
ise438Author Commented:
Thats it just use Auto QOS ?
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Oops, posted too early.

Here's some sample config to get you started:

    set qos enable(enable Qos)
    set qos dcsp-cos-map 8:1(map QBSS to COS 1)
    set qos dcsp-cos-map 10:7(map priority traffic to Cos 7)
    set qos wrr 2q2t 255 5(define the bandwidth for each queue)
    set qos map 2q2t tx 1 2 cos 0(map cos 0 [Best Effort] to queue 1 threshold 2)
    set qos map 2q2t tx 2 2 cos 1(map cos 1 [QBSS] to queue 2 threshold 2)
    set qos map 2q2t tx 1 2 cos 7(map cos 7 [Priority] to queue 2 threshold 2)
    set qos policer aggregate policer1 rate 30000 policed-dscp erate 30000 drop burst 3200(define a policer for limiting priority traffic)
    set qos acl ip acl1 trust-dscp aggregate policer1 ip any any dscp-field 10(define ACL to select priority traffic and police it with the previusly
ise438Author Commented:
Mr Jemson.

So the above config will set the QoS up for VOiP ?

Do I need to create any VLAN to separate the voice and data traffic ?
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