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Currently I have a domain running SBS 2003. Our email is hosted by our ISP through POP3. Our local domain here is kentville.local and our email addresses are totally different ( Our outlooks are set up with 2 accounts obviously (Exchange and POP3 email). I would like to host the email through exchange and set up BES. Can I change the domain that the exchange server hosts to and still keep the local domain at kentville.local so I do not have to rebuild the entire domain? If my question does not provide enough info please let me know. I have another domain at another office set up the 'proper' way with exchange hosted email but I set that one up from scratch.
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Mark DamenConnect With a Mentor ERP System ManagerCommented:
I think you are running yourself round in circles!

I'll give you a step by step guide of how to get from where you are, to where you want to be:

By the way, having kentville.local as your internal domain name is absolutely fine.  I understand that your external domain name format is, which is also fine.

1.  In Exchange System Manager, Global Settings, Recipients, Recipient Policies, then double click on Default Policy.  On the email addresses tab, ensure that there is an entry like the following:
SMTP:     and you probably want to make this primary.

2.  Open port 25 on your external facing firewall, and forward traffic to internal IP address of the SBS 2003 box.

3.  From another internet connection (home for example), performing the following test to ensure that Exchange is receiving mail OK for this domain.

Windows instructions of using telnet:

telnet EXTERNAL_IP 25      ( replace EXTERNAL_IP with either the Public IP of the internet connection or a hostname, leave a space and then put 25 to tell it to connect on port 25)
(You should now see your SBS present a welcome message.)
helo me
Test Message

If you follow the process above, on the mail from: use a different email address (your personal address for example), and in the rcpt to: bit use an address which is valid on the SBS box, so that you can see that it arrives.  A word of advice, in a telnet connection if you make a mistake, using the backspace or delete key does not work, you need to press Enter and try again on a new line!

Once you know that your SBS box is able to receive mail directly from the internet via SMTP, you are good to go and can now get your ISP to change the way your domain MX records are configured.

Your ISP needs to:

Create a new A record of, which points to your PUBLIC IP Address
Create a new MX record with a priority of 5, pointing to
After that, either ensure that the MX record pointing to your ISP server is higher than 5, or get them to remove this record altogether.

The benefit of leaving their record is what I described before, it will collect mail for you if for some reason you need to take your server offline.  Even without the ISP record, SMTP servers should be configured to attempt to redeliver mail every 10 mins, for up to 48 hours should they not be able to connect the first time.  This in theory anyway means that as long as your SBS is not off for more than 48 hours, you should not loose mail.  

If you leave the SMTP server listed as a secondary MX record, then I would get them to convert it to a "catchall" POP3 account instead of individual POP3 users.  Then you can configure the POP3 connector in exchange to collect mail from it, and set it to deliver to "global mailbox".  This would function as your backup.

I hope all this makes sense, and helps.  If you need more, just shout.
Mark DamenERP System ManagerCommented:
You can with SBS 2003 have the server collect mail from multiple POP3 accounts for you.  It does not require changing any domain names etc, just configured server side the POP3 details (hostname, login name, password)

You will find this tool under Internet and Email, POP3 Connector Manager.

You specify where the emails downloaded from each POP3 account go, i.e to which mailbox in Exchange.
quicksilver9365Author Commented:
Thanks. I am aware of the pop3 connecter but want i want to do is to stop mail being hosted by our ISP and have my exchange server do the hosting.
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Mark DamenERP System ManagerCommented:
To have your Exchange server do it all, you need to get the MX records on your public domain changed.  What I would usually do, is get the MX records changed so that your Exchange server is the primary MX record, but leave the secondary MX record as your ISP email server so that if your server is offline or anything, your mail is still collected.  In this situation, you would leave the POP3 connector running alongside SMTP so that it downloads any mail collected on your behalf by the ISP.

If you need more detailed info in configuring any of this, just shout.
quicksilver9365Author Commented:
So to get the pop3 connector running I do not have to worry about the domain name of my network? Do I just configure the pop3 connector to run addresses Currently I have all primary SMTP addresses within exchange set to the FQDN. Just worried about confusion with exchange I guess. I basically want 1 account in outlook for users. That account should be the exchange account and get rid of outlook being configured to download pop mail so I can set up BES.
Mark DamenERP System ManagerCommented:
The POP3 connector pulls mail from a remote POP3 account, and dumps them into whichever mailbox you specify.  The other way to use the POP3 connector is to set it to "global mailbox", in which case the domain name of the emails being received has to be in Exchange recipient policy, and each user has to have an address specified for that domain to be able to get emails.  

The primary SMTP address is what gets sent out on emails, so that does need to be the address that you want people externally to see.
quicksilver9365Author Commented:
First of all thanks for your help so far.

Doesn't the pop3 connector have an interval for checking mail though like 15 minutes? If so that won't be acceptable to my users.

Basically I need exchange to fully be the mail store for our domain I think. I believe BES requires this for wireless email, calendar and contact synch.

Will I have an issue with exchange being the mail host for but the domain for SBS 2003 being kentville?
Mark DamenERP System ManagerCommented:
Yes, the POP3 connector only checks every 15mins.  I thought were we talking about re-configuring the external domain to point the the excahnge server via SMTP, whereby mail delivery is instant.  And then configuring the POP3 connector as a backup...?

quicksilver9365Author Commented:
Nope. I actually want my exchange server to be and host the mail completely. Since my FQDN is hosted by my ISP I know about configuring the MX record with them.

I am probably confusing myself more than anyone else so I do apologize.

Basically i set up my other network with exchange hosting the mail using:

Domain Name: kentvillepolice
Exchange hosts
MX record with my ISP points to the IP address of the Exchange server using SBS 2003.

I was hoping to have teh same setup basically here but wihtout having to reload the entire domain since my current setup is

Domain Name: kentville
ISP hosts pop3 email:

My local domain name is totally different from my mail domain so i was wondering how to configure exchange wiithin the above setup to host email's that is currently hosted by my ISP.
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