Nortel Baystack 460 invalid new password


Our Nortel Baystack 460 is asking us to change the expired password, but wouldnt accept anything. Comes up with the error message  Invalid new password.

Weve tried every type of password (short, long, secure etc.), but no luck.

This is a second switch with the same problem.

Had anyone else experienced the same problem, or whats a password recovery procedure for those?

Here are the switch details

Ethernet Switch 460-24T-PWR  HW:03       FW:   SW:v3.7.0.05 ISVN:2

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ArturasjConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found the answer. The new password must contain at least two of each. lower case, capitals, numbers and special characters.
The easiest way to manage the password is to go into the menu system and arrow down to the console/comm port configuration.

Set the appropriate switch or stack read only and read write password to what you want it to be. It will take up to 15 text characters.

Then go to the Telnet/WEB Switch Password Type on the same screen (or Telnet/WEB Stack Password Type if it is a stack) and choose the local password choice. Do the same thing for the Console Switch Password Type if desired.
ArturasjAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply Rick.

I can't get as far as menu. As soon as I enter my password it's asking for a new one, but not accepting anything. So at the moment I'm locked out. Any idea?
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I have never seen this where the switch is prompting for expired password.
Have you tried uppercase RW
ArturasjAuthor Commented:
I know it is weird.

I am trying WR as a username and a current password, that's when it starts asking for a new one. It's the same from telnet and web interface. It accepts a current password, but not a new one. It knows if new password and verification don't match, it also knows if you're trying the same password, but any new one is invalid. We had it on one of our switches for a while, but the second instance is on a stack.

what's a password recovery procedure with nortel?
I believe that if you open a case with Nortel and give them the serial number and mac address of the switch      they can give you password.
ArturasjAuthor Commented:
I'll try logging a case next week. Thanks
Interesting. I have never seen anything require more than one of each type. Something to watch out for. Thanks for the update.
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