assign a 8 port switch to and existing vlan


I added a 8608GTE module switch (part No DS1404044) to 8006 chassis (part No DS1402002) but I need to assign the 8 port switch to and existing vlan through telnet  can someone please provide set by step how to do it and I also  need to make a backup  (of all modules in my chassis) of existing config how can I do it through telnet  
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Rick_O_ShayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
4/1-4/8 means slot 4 port 1 through slot 4 port 8.
Hi there,
What you need to do is setup a port on the previous switch as a trunk port and trunk the appropriate VLANs over that port using 802.1q encapsulation - THEN setup trunking on the new switch the same exact way you have the other one setup. Now what you need to do is define the VLANs on the new switch to match the ones you have on the other switch and set the other ports on the new switch into access mode and then select the VLAN you want the port to access.
That should be about it.
Cheers! Let me know if you have any questions.
jacksch4820Author Commented:
Thanks for fast respond
I never worked with Nortel before please step by step with commands
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I have only played with Nortel before... I'm a Cisco guy. I can tell you though that Nortel commands are almost just like Cisco. If you know Cisco, try running the same commands you would on a Cisco device.
Also, try this documentation and see if that helps - it's info on setting up VLANs and trunking on the 8600 switches.
To add, for example, the 8608GTE in Slot 3 to VLAN 1 use the CLI command syntax:
config vlan 1 ports add 3/1-3/8

To save the current config to the default config file use:
save config

To back up the current config to a different file before making changes use:
save config file config1.cfg
jacksch4820Author Commented:

I need to add all 8 ports of module 8608GTE in slot 4 to van 1  Please explain exactly what command I need to type

Show config   All my modules in the chassis

# Asic Info :
# SlotNum|Name  |CardType   |MdaType |Parts Description
# Slot  1 8632TXE  0x20210120 0x00000000   IOM: PLRO=3  GMAC=5  BFM: OP=3 TMUX=2
# Slot  2 8608GTE  0x20220108 0x00000000   IOM: GMAC=5  BFM: OP=3 TMUX=2 RARU=4
# Slot  3 8608SXE  0x20320108 0x00000000   IOM: GMAC=5  BFM: OP=3 TMUX=2 RARU=4
# Slot  4 8608GTE  0x20220108 0x00000000   IOM: GMAC=5  BFM: OP=3 TMUX=2 RARU=4
# Slot  5   --     0x00000001 0x00000000
# Slot  6 8691SF   0x200e0100 0x00000000  CPU: CPLD=19 SFM: OP=3 TMUX=2 SWIP=3 F
AD=1 CF=16
#!flags m-mode false

show ip interface

                                        Ip Interface
          ADDRESS        MASK           FORMAT     MAXSIZE  ID    PORT
Vlan1  ones       1500     --    false
Vlan2  ones       1500     --    false
Vlan3  ones       1500     --    false
Vlan4  ones       1500     --    false
Vlan5  ones       1500     --    false
Vlan6  ones       1500     --    false
Vlan7  ones       1500     --    false
Vlan8  ones       1500     --    false
Vlan9  ones       1500     --    false
Vlan10  ones       1500     --    false
Vlan11  ones       1500     --    false
Vlan12  ones       1500     --    false
Vlan13  ones       1500     --    false
Vlan14  ones       1500     --    false
config vlan 1 ports add 4/1-4/8
jacksch4820Author Commented:
Thanks for fast respond rick o shay I will try it
Means slot 4
What does 1-4 mean?
8 means the 8 ports
please explain
jacksch4820Author Commented:
Did it tested 100% so I will give you 250 points only half is done from my question
How can I save config to a server on my network please explain exactly what command I must type? When done will give other 250 points
Use the copy command:

copy /flash/config.cfg

Replace the ip address in the example above with the IP address of your TFTP server.
jacksch4820Author Commented:
Thanks for you help  Rick_O_Shay I will give it a try
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