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Recently purchased a Dell Dimension laptop with a finger print reader and because this laptop was going into an XP environement it was "downgraded" to Windows XP also (at factory so arrived ready to go).

However the finger print software it was supplied with seems poor (Dell embassy software) nothing like the software I've had with other Dell's and in particular does not have the ability to set up auto login to Websites and Windows forms ( Very useful feature).

I know this is possible on an XP PC because I have also supplied Sony Vaio's downgraded to Windows XP that have fingerprint software that works on XP with website /windows forms login.

However I'm told by Dell I can't get the software for XP. Embassy is the only option and it does not support web form logins.

Is it possible for me to acheive what I want? Surely it must be possible to acheive this with the Dell I have even if I have have to buy alteranatve software.

Does anyone know if the fingerprint reader in my Dell dimension would work with alternative software and if so how can I obtain this alternaitve software (to work on XP)

Note: My personal Vista Dell says software from Upek when I click on about.
Thanks in advance.
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ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
I think Dell is trying to say that this is the only software that they are able to ship you.
The capability you are looking for is SSO (Single Sign-On) and has been availlable since prior to Win2k.
If you like the software Vaio offers, look them up on the web and grab a copy of it - it shouldn't cost too much.  If your Vaio did not support biometric, it may or may not be supported by that software vendor - their website would likely advertise it if they do.
I know there are a number of companies that do support this, I don't know them all but I know that SafeNet has a product that does SSO and bio, just make sure you ask for both of those primary options if you are looking for both.  Bio will always cost a few bucks because almost all of the vendors build on the Precise biometric algorithm for doing bio, and that costs a few bucks to license (not to mention the extra code in the app to support it) so it will need to cost an extra 10 bucks or so minimum.  There's probably more end-user friendly software as Safenet's is meant for enterprise distibution so can be a bit of a pain, they are just one company I know offhand.

Note: you should only need to get the software and a token or card for it, since you ahve a built in reader and bio reader you do not need to get whatever they offer you for that part.  Smartcard middleware tends to be picky about needing a particular brand of token/card to take full advantage of its features so may or may not be compatible with your existing card - if you are not sure, ask their sales team or tech support.
What specific model do you have> I sometimes do Dell warranty work ->
afflik1923Author Commented:
In the end the laptop went to client and never got it back to investigate further. Was not able to make use of the better figer print softwre and left with the conclusion that the EMbassy Trust suite is poor
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