URGENT - My Mailbox Store will not mount


I've been attempting a mailbox restore to about a month ago (from an old server).

I've archived the current emails today using outlook archive, and I then tried to restore the mailbox by running NTbackup and restoring the C:\program files\exchsrvr\ directory, I followed some instructions telling me to unmount the mailbox store, and I've completed the restore however when I re-mount the mailbox store it now says:

"An internal error has occured, Try restarting the Exchange System Manager or the Exchange Server Information Store Service, or both.

Error ID: C1041724
Exchange System Manager"

I've googled the error code but it just says the restore failed, so how can I get this back up and running?

Thanks in advance!
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Now you need to delete the new mailboxes so you can assign the old mailboxes back to the users.

In Exchange System Manager, right-click one of the new (presumably empty) mailboxes and select "Exchange Tasks" then follow the wizard to Delete the mailbox.  Once you have done this you will need to right-click the Mailboxes folder and select "Run Cleanup Agent".  You will now be able to right-click the mailbox you just deleted and select "Purge".  This will remove the mailbox permanently.  You should now be able to right-click the restored mailbox and select "Reconnect" and select the user.   Repeat this for all mailboxes.
Stop the Information Store Service and then delete all the transaction logs except the E00.log (these are usually stored in the MDBDATA folder).  Then start the Information Store service again and then try and mount the mailbox store.

If it still doesnt mount then you will need to run eseutil at the command prompt to repair the store.

Info on how to use eseutil here: http://www.computerperformance.co.uk/exchange2003/exchange2003_eseutil.htm
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Wicked-WebsitesAuthor Commented:

Ok, I followed the instructions from WayneWilliams and it has now mounted, and is up, however in the mailbox store I now have the old mailboxes, and the current mailboxes for each person.

On the old mailbox I try to assign a new user to it, so it will move the emails over, however NO users are shown...

Any ideas?
Wicked-WebsitesAuthor Commented:
Excellent, that worked!!! thank you :)

Now, when the staff log in, it tells them on each client machine that exchange is in recovery mode, and asks to connect to mailbox with a pop up.

Any thoughts?
You will need to delete the .ost file from each users local profile.  They are stored in C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

Make sure outlook is closed when you delete it.  When you restart Outlook it will automatically recreate them.
Wicked-WebsitesAuthor Commented:

I've deleted the .ost and restarted the pc, however the error for recovery mode still comes up....

any thoughts?
It's probably something else in the local Outlook profile.  Try deleting the profile from Control Panel>Mail>Show Profiles and then deleting the .ost again.   When you restart Outlook it will ask you to set up your email profile.  Run through the wixard and that should fix the problem.
Wicked-WebsitesAuthor Commented:
ah, would you believe it!

I simply deleted the mail account in outlook and then set it up again....

Job done!
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