How do I create multiple VPN connections

Scenario: I have to run two applications simultaneously on a user pc (many of them). Each application will access its own remote server over the internet via separate VPN. Application A will receive a notification from its server. Application A will activate application B and send keystrokes to cause the screen to populate. The pc user then proceeds to work on application B.  When done, the user clicks OK on Application A to request the next transaction. How are multiple VPNs configured to allow this to occur without one VPN blocking another?
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Remove the default route via VPN A. When you bring up VPN B, it will go via your local internet and not try to shunt the new tunnel over VPN A.

As long as the two VPNs are on a separate subnets you should be able to access both connections.

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Alternatively, you could tunnel VPN B through A, as long as this is allowed in the VPN A access list etc.
gman_plusAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I will give your first solution a try. Assuming "C" is the user location, would Access to B via A (second solution) appear (i.e. IP Address) as if it were from A or C? Location B will only accept connections from IP addresses at "C".  To clarify the layout... App Server A is on the East coast, App Server B is on the West Coast (unrelated organizations) and the user pc's (third organization "C") are located in South Central USA.  Thanks again, your help is truely appreciated!
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In either case C would be able to access A and B but B could not access A.

C is directly connected to B, but via the connection at A.
So think of it as a pipe within a pipe.
gman_plusAuthor Commented:
Got it. Thanks! I'll be working with B & C over the next couple days (I am "A"). I will post my results for feedback for others who might need to do the same thing.
gman_plusAuthor Commented:
Hey... I'm a newbie to this and I still need to learn the entire transaction process. I
have my answers, I have NO objections and I have to get back to work. Thank you
and I appreciate the availability of this service. The Expert did a fine job.
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