40 second delay while negotiating capabilities


We are running citrix zenapp 5 on 4 w2k8 64 bit servers. We are using published apps.  It also happens when using the program neighborhood to connect to the desktop.  It happens from all clients, on only those 2 servers.

On two of them, when connecting it is fine, but on the other 2, it takes a full 60 seconds before the app (excel, word, etc) will open. That is because it pauses on negotiating capabilities for 40 seconds.

We have looked at the MSLicensing keys in the registry as is recommended for earlier versions, but the fix must be somewhere else for Xenapp 5.

Any help is appreciated.

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Bonnie_KAuthor Commented:
We ended up backing up a working server and restoring it to the other boxes, running sysprep and reinstalling the Citrix on them.  Now all four are working fine.

Citrix was not able to help.
Are all 4 servers exactly the same and if not what are their differences?  Do you have any issue RDP'ing to those 2?
Bonnie_KAuthor Commented:
No, RDP is fast for all 4.  All are the same.  One is the citrix licensing server and it is one of the slow ones, but the other slow one is like the 3rd and 4th.  They are not in production and were all built within the same week to be identical a few weeks ago.  The app settings are the same.
Bonnie_KAuthor Commented:
We opened a case with Citrix and a week later they still have no fix.  I will keep this open in case we get a fix soon and I can post it here.

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