"Category Must Be A Single String" in Embedded view

I am also getting a "Category Must Be A Single String" error.
I have the following code in the Show Single Category:
@Contains(@LowerCase(MinutesText); MLastName)

MinutesText is a computed text field of the RTF named Minutes.
the view is embedded in a document containing a field named MLastName.
the view selects the form "MeetingMinutes" and shows the Date and MinutesText fields in two columns.

the code:  @Contains(@LowerCase(MinutesText); MLastName)
seems to work just fine when I put it in as a column in a view, along with a "name" instead of the MLastName variable.

I would greatly appreciate any help to get this resolved and working.
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Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
We could discuss this a long time, but I can better tell you the way it's supposed to wrok:

1) make a view with the first column as text, and categorized (apparently MLastName)
2) embed the view in a form (not in a page)
3) have the value MLastName in a field on the form with the embedded view
4) use MLastName as single category formula

Now, in your case, I suppose you want to be able to show all documents that have a certain word in the text. There is a solution, even with a categorized view, but you should never use it: the formula in the first column should be @Explode(MinutesText) . What will happen is that EVERY word in a document gets indexed in the view. Which would lead to a view with 99%index and 1% content. That's not the Notes way to do this. I'm afraid that a view is out of the question.

An intermediate solution: ask the person submitting the document to fill in some key words, and you categorise on those key words.

By far the best way is to enable full-text searching on the database, and then use either the Search bar in the Notes client, or db.FTSearch in LotusScript. If you want to simulate an embedded view a little, then do the FTSearch, and create a text field where each line corresponds with a document that was found while searching.
What version of Notes client ?

I would try the newest one, since this could be  a minor bug

I hope this helps !
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tomchasAuthor Commented:
I saw that already and that's not closely related enough  nor does it give enough programming reasoning to be of use to me, that I can see.
Thanks though.
tomchasAuthor Commented:
Sorry, the version is 7.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I suppose @Contains returns @True or @False, so a numeric value.
tomchasAuthor Commented:
"5. This view selection formula creates a new view that includes only documents that have a Subject field containing the text "Mary Lamb" (in any case).
SELECT form = "Memo" & @Contains(@LowerCase(Subject); "mary lamb")"

You are correct that @Contains can produce a 1 or 0 but used in a Select formula, it's used to display those documents which apply to the code.
Using the code in the view itself does not work because MLastName is not part of the documents that I'm sorting with the view, but rather part of the document that I have the embedded view in.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Now did you indeed? And what was the answer, where did you find it?

Usually, the fact that you found an answer elsewhere is irrelevant: IMHO you can only bail out if ALL our answers here are dead wrong.
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