Cannot delete Exchange 2003 Public Folder Stores

Hello all-
Current configuration:
(1) Exchange 2003 SP2 server, (1) mailbox store remaining, (1) Public Folder Store remaining
New Exchange 2007 environment:
(2) Mailbox servers in SCR configuration.
(2) CAS/HT servers
(2) Edge servers
Current state:
* All user mailboxes and data have been moved to 07
*Public Folder data has been replicating approximately 7 days. Used the MoveAllReplicas.ps1 script to initiate this. Approximately 200MB of PF data to be moved (very little)
* Original front-end MSX 03 server successfully de-commissioned

I'm ready to transition everything to MSX 07 but I CANNOT remove the Public Folder Store on my remaining 03 server. PFDAVADMIN shows a single replica instance in NON_IPM_SUBTREE\SystemConfiguration. I am unable to delete this replica using that tool. I show that all my pertinent replicas (free/busy, OAB, Forms) are on my 07 servers.
Finally I tried the "RemoveReplicaFromPFRecursive" script and it completed without errors - except that I still show my 03 server.
Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated!
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if you are sure that everything works fine when the pf store on the 2003 server is dismounted and that all public and system folders have been replicated to the 2007 server, then you can remove the PF store from adsiedit.msc
it can be found in the following location
expand configuration
expand services
expand microsoft exchange
expand your exchange Org
expand admin groups
expand the 2003 admin group
expand servers
expand the 2003 server
expand storage groups
expand the storage group
on the left hand side you would see the mailbox store and public folder store

the public folder store can be deleted from here
(make sure that you have taken a system state backup before making any change in adsiedit.msc)
my51chevyAuthor Commented:
I'd like to add that I'm happy to perform a "brute-force" removal of this store if necessary. I just really need to de-commission this server pronto.
Thanks again...
my51chevyAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Rakeshmiglani-
I was perusing ADSI Edit last night and found that exact setting but was very hesitant to delete it. If memory serves, I think the PF entry is in the right pane but I'll double-check.
Also, I noticed that the System Attendent had no mailbox entries for the mailbox store that won't delete.
I'll get back to you in a couple of hours with the results when I'm back on site.
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that is correct. the pf and mailbox store entries are on the right hand side.
my51chevyAuthor Commented:
I assume that I perform this operation with the stores dismounted, System Attendant and Information Store services stopped?
stopping SA is not required. you can stop the IS service.
Hey bro, do not feel so scared when you already have system state backup - however, be sure that you are working on the correct server - once you have taken the system state backup and even if you make any mistake - getting things back is just a matter of restore and performing auth restore.

Hence, i would recommend deleting the PF store only - and yes it is on the right hand side - once you click on the storage group.

All the best.
my51chevyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input EG.
I'll report back when complete....
Thanks - we will wait for your response.
my51chevyAuthor Commented:
Upon deletion of the Stores in ADSI Edit, I was able to delete the Storage Groups via the ESM without issue.
When I delete Exchange via Add/Remove Programs, it barks back with:
"One or more users currently use a mailbox on this server..."
Well, it's saying that I need to mail disable these users but I'm not sure which users it's talking about.
my51chevyAuthor Commented:
I found the "rogue" mailboxes using ADUC search.
Not sure how they got there and why they did not get migrated but I'll deal with them accordingly.
Stay tuned.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated
my51chevyAuthor Commented:
The solution proposed by Rakeshmiglani and affirmed by Exchange Geek did the trick. I did find rougue mailboxes still homed to the old Exchange 2003 stores. They never showed up as Legacy Mailboxes and fortunately could be "mail disabled" without issue.
Thanks guys!
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